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On The Street's
Chapter 3

Kaleigh woke up to shouting and banging at the door, she sat up and looked to where Justin had been sleeping, he was gone; then she seen him standing at the door and holding it shut. She quickly pulled on a pair of trousers underneath her long nightdress and ran over to him. The voices got louder and she heard someone trying to undo the lock on the door.
"What's going on?" she asked Justin as she picked up a pen and pushed the key out of the door.
"The manager called the social services group and told them there were two young kids without an escort. They've come to take us to a home." He kicked the door and the shouting stopped momentarily, but soon ran its course once again.
"What…why?" Kaleigh was lost for words, why would any bed and breakfast manager do this? They paid them their money, they should give them a room and then forget about them when they leave, not turn them into strangers. Justin dismissed her questions.
"Look, just go and pack and we can try and get out of the window again. We can sneak back down to the beach and hide out in the small village that's a couple of miles away." She nodded and ran back into the room, she flung off her nightdress and pulled on her black long sleeved top and a jacket and then began to pack her bag. She lifted her nightdress and went into the bathroom to retrieve her toothbrush. She opened the door and immediately a hand wrapped around her middle and her mouth. She tried to scream, but it was muffled. More people piled in through the bathroom window and advanced through to where Justin stood, they got him too and opened the door. The social services let the two pick up their bags and then they were forced outside. The people from the other rooms were sticking their heads out of their doors to look at the scene. Kaleigh tried to break free of the iron grip around her waist, but it was no use, she was carried to the truck and put in the back, Justin was seated next to her and the engine started. They were trapped.
"Great!" an oversized woman said when the two of them walked up to the tall sandstone building. "Some more mislead children in need of help." She rang the doorbell on the wall and waited for the large, heavy doors to open, they creaked and groaned a bit before opening fully, and another woman stood in the doorway. She was thin and slightly taller than the other woman, she wore a blue overall over a red jumper and she wore black trousers. She had short brown hair that only went just past her ears, framing her thin face perfectly, her brown eyes were a shade darker than her hair, and they had a threatening look in them. Kaleigh shrugged off the feeling of danger as the woman spoke.
"Hello there," she said in a high voice, "welcome to your new, temporary home. I hope you will enjoy your stay with us. Oh, where are my manners? Come in, come in." the larger woman pushed them roughly inside the towering building and slammed the door shut behind them. Kaleigh jumped at the noise that echoed, she looked around and slowly she seen the shapes of small children hiding in the doorways and dark rooms. As they walked down the long corridors she seen more and more faces looking out at her, she felt like she was being judged instead of being shown to her bed.
They climbed up what felt like miles of stairs until they reached the second floor, the woman walked quickly down another corridor past more and more rooms filled with children of all ages, but Kaleigh noticed they were all boys, all of them. 'What if I'm the only girl here?' Kaleigh thought to herself, she suddenly felt so alone, she looked back to see how far they had come and she walked into something. She stood up and looked ahead of herself again, it was Justin's back she had walked into, they woman in front pointed into a room.
"This is where you'll be staying. Lights out for ten, up at seven, you hear?" she asked Justin and Kaleigh, they both nodded and she stepped aside. Justin began to walk in, followed by Kaleigh, but the woman grabbed Kaleigh's bag and held her outside the door, she cried out for help and Justin turned to watch. "You're not in there, unless you want to stay with the guys." Kaleigh's eyes widened, she was going to be split up from Justin, he was the one that helped and protected her, what would she do without him. She tried to struggle away but the woman kept strong hold of her bag and advanced down the hallway towards the stairs again. Kaleigh heard the door to Justin's room shut and then she was hauled up the stairs.
She climbed quickly after the woman that had a tight grip of her bag and tried not to trip and stumble, she quickly took the stairs two at a time and kept up with her new watcher, they climbed up two flights of stairs and went down another hallway, this time to the very end. The woman opened the door and stepped inside. Kaleigh, reluctantly, followed and stood in front of the woman, all the people in the room stopped whatever they were doing and stood at the end of their beds.
"Good afternoon Miss Summermill." They chanted in unison, Kaleigh was glad to hear female voices ringing through the air, she took a minute to glance around, but before she could get a proper look Miss Summermill was dragging her down past all the other girls towards the end of the room, there was a spare bed near the window which was built high into the wall. They stopped at it.
"This is your bed, you keep the area around it clean and tidy, you make the bed in the morning. The sheets are collected every Friday to go to the cleaners; breakfast is at seven-thirty, dinner is at six, lights out by ten. Any questions?" The tall woman towered over her; she shook her head and left. Kaleigh sat down on the end of the bed and put her baggage underneath the metal frame. She lay down and rested her head on the pillow; she shut her eyes for a brief moment and opened them to see another face leaning over her.
She sat up and looked; there were about ten or eleven girls all in her room, including the young one that was standing beside her. The door was at the far end of the room and little light came in through from the hall, the lights were dim inside the room and the window was absolutely no help, it was too high and too small to convey any light what-so-ever.
"Hey." She said to the young looking girl.
"Hey." She replied, sounding very timid. She sat up on Kaleigh's bed and straightened her clothes. "I've been in here five years." She said Kaleigh looked shocked.
"How old are you?" she asked.
"Nine." The smaller one answered. "My parents got divorced when I was three and I went to live with my mum, but she died, and my dad had already left the country to get away from us, so I ended up here." Kaleigh's mouth sat slightly open, but she closed it. 'Poor kid!' Kaleigh thought.
"My name's Kaleigh." She said, holding out a hand. The young girl took it smiling.
"Amanda. Nice to meet you." A bell rang in the background and Kaleigh jumped. "Don't worry," Amanda said, "it's just the bell to get us to start our work for the day. If we don't work, then we don't eat, so we all do what we have to do and everyone gets along fine." She jumped off of the bed and landed on the floor with a small pat. "It was nice talking to you, I'll see you later." With that she ran off, and out the door.
Kaleigh stood up, put her hair behind her ears and started to walk towards the door. "What have I gotten myself into?" she asked herself and the empty room. She walked out and shut the door behind her.

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