The Imposter

As the bully pulled back his huge fist to pound the little freshman, a voice said. "Leave 'em alone!" shocked the bully turned and said, "Who dares to tell Shadow Fox, to stop?" Two guys in the circle parted and from the shadows a kid walked out, and said, " That was me." "So do you want to get your ass kicked by Shadow Fox?" said the bully "You're not Shadow Fox, he would never throw the first punch in a fight. He is humble and fights for honor and to protect." Said the kid with out moving anymore from the shadows. "Oh yeah! Shadow Fox is powerful and feared and so am i." The bully boasted, "Do you even know why his name is Shadow Fox?" the unknown kid said as he further crept from the shadows, his face still shrouded. "Because it sounds cool!" the bully said with pride. "Not even close." The kid said with a chuckle. "It's because he is a shadow, people only see him when he want's to be seen. He is fast both physically and mentally. And as I judge you're not fast either way." The bully's eyes began to turn red with rage. " That's it! You and me outside after school, you had better be there!" the bully said with his fists clinched. "Oh don't worry I'll be there." The kid said as he receded into the shadows.
No one saw that kid all day, even though no one saw his face during the incident. After school a group of spectators gathered where the fight was to be held. The arena was in the courtyard and at this time of day very shady. The bully was there right at the bell, and kids started making bets whether or not the kid from the shadows would show or not. Most of the people bet he wouldn't show after fifteen minutes a murmur in the crowd started suggesting "he's a no show, let's go home." All of a sudden a voice from nowhere said. "No one goes till the fight's over!" just then a figure jumped from the tree to the ground, it was the mystery kid from before. "Ah so your not a coward after all." The bully said with a grin. Getting more serious he said, "Let the fight begin!" He lunged forward straight at the kid; the blow would have broken the kid's ribs if he had hit him. Just before contact the kid disappeared, right into thin air. "You had your chance! Now it's my turn." The bully was stunned no one had ever evaded his close range lunge. Just when he turned and saw spectators pointing above him in the air, he looked up only to see a shoe two inches from his face. The kid hit him square in the face, the bully was petrified for a moment and couldn't move. The kid was standing a few yards away almost instantly after he hit the bully. "As I said you're not Shadow Fox because you are to slow." The mysterious kid said, "You should pick your fights better." "Oh yeah! And whey's that?" the bully said with resentment. "Because I am the real Shadow Fox!" The crowd stood in awe after this statement.