Red Dress

I love you
You know I do
But you hate me
The girl you want, I just can't be
Did you know I cry
Every time you pass me by
You've never returned any of my calls
You've never said one word to me in the halls
I finally got the courage to ask you to homecoming and you said yes
I should have known it would be such a mess
No I'm home alone when everyone's house having fun
I'm so done
I see the bottle of advil and the knife
Maybe this will make someone see my life
I hear my parents, so I take the meds and the knife too
I go upstairs and write this letter to you
I would say goodbye, but did you ever say hi?
No so now I'm going to die
I see the blood I feel the pain
I will never again see the rain
I start to through up it's all kicking in
I really do hope this isn't a sin
I pass out, I'm finally dead
If only I didn't listen to what everyone else said
I lie here in my grave never to awake
Forget me now for God's sake
No one shows up, not even my brother
No tears are shed, not even from my mother
I see only one sad face
It looks so outa place
It's you
Maybe your love was true
You come to the coffin and say you were sick
You say you had trouble with the words to pick
You tried to call
But you couldn't even walk down the hall
You couldn't move, you were way to sick
You say feel like such a dick
You say you love me too and goodbye
I try to scream, to tell you to come back and not to cry
You can't hear me, for I am dead
Just laying in a coffin, in my homecoming dress, the color of red
But I love you
You know I do
And now I know, you love me too.