Author note: This is my first published work on this site, so please be nice. This was just a thought that came to my mind one day, and I decided to write about it.
I took the liberty of inventing a few words: unauthentics and unauthenticity. An unauthenic (used as a noun) is a person who is not their true self. And unauthenticity (also used as a noun) is the act of being untrue to yourself. If this does not explain it adequately, then read on. Please R&R!

The Unauthentics

"Hello. What's your name?"

"I'm not sure...It could be Katherine, Kathy, Katie, Kate, or Kat.I'm not even sure it starts with a k. My name could be Catherine, Cathy, Cate, or Cat."

"Ah, I understand. Welcome to The Club of the Unauthentics, also known as The Club of Humanity."

The world is full of unauthentic people. They go around day after day pretending they are someone they really aren't. These people do and say one thing around a certain group of friends. But then they turn around and do and say the complete opposite with a different group of friends. They are never themselves but always who someone else wants them to be. Around the nerds, they try to be smart. Around the jocks, they pretend to be athletic. And around the popular kids, they act so that others believe them to be popular. The bottom line is, these people are hypocrites and deny the world the opportunity of getting to know the real them. I'm one of those "unauthentics."

The interesting thing about the unauthentic is that they aren't always conscious of their hypocritical personalities. They don't realize that they aren't being consistent with their actions and what they believe. Changing who you are is a common tactic to fit in. Some claim, "If my friends really knew me, they wouldn't be my friends." I'm not talking about a person who has committed a crime and is trying to hide it. I'm talking about people who don't like themselves, and therefore think no one else will like them either.

There is an underlying motive for changing yourself. Sometimes an unauthentic person isn't genuine because they aren't sure who they are. They just don't know what they like, whom they like, what they believe, or even why they believe. This happens to be my case. I'm just not sure of my personality. I can't decide who I am and who I'm not. Am I a genius, or an average student? Do I like girly clothes, or do I prefer a more modern style? Am I funny or serious? Outgoing or shy? Another question that often arises is, "Can my personality be a combination of these opposites?"

I hope I am alone in this situation. I hope no else in the world has to suffer because of this problem. Unfortunately, that is not the truth. Lots of people, especially teenagers, go through this. I'm sorry; I do not have an answer for the problem of "unauthenticity." I can't seem to solve my problem, so I doubt I could solve yours.

Nevertheless, good luck on your quest for yourself. I hope your journey is very rewarding and enlightening. I myself am on this journey. And now that I think about it, I'm not sure it will ever completely end. Maybe the quest for your own, unique personality is an everlasting process. You find a trait you like, adapt it into your lifestyle, and then move on. Just be sure you adapt traits that you like and that will make you the best person you can possibly be.

"Hello. What's your name?"

"I'm not sure...But I am going to find out."

"Well then, here's your passport. Good luck on your travels!"