She was a lonely little girl
Who just needed a friend.
She found a doll.
A ragdoll.
Not to pretty,
Kind of plain,
With smudges on her cheeks,
But a smile.
Her dress was a little dirty,
with a few rips and tears,
But she was dependable.
So many times when the little girl needed a friend,
she pulled out the rag doll,
and held her close to her face,
and cried.
But the ragdoll didn't mind.
She still smiled.
She was always there.
That's what friends are for.
But one day the little girl sat the rag doll in the corner,
and the rag doll didn't know why.
The little girl found a brand new doll,
and the rag doll started to cry.
The girl didn't need her "friend" anymore,
she'd found a better doll,
who was newer and prettier.
So the rag doll sat propped up against the wall,
with tears stains streaking down her dirty cheeks.
Still the girl continued to pay her no mind,
"But I'll still be here if you need me..."
The hours passed by...
then days,
then weeks,
then months.
Still the rag doll sat in the corner
With no love for the little girl left in her heart.
Then one day she came back.
"Rag doll, why don't you smile anymore?"
Angered by the rag doll's worthlessness, she tossed the doll on the floor.
The dust settled over the rag doll's face, "I don't need you anymore."
The little girl continued to laugh with her other new dolls.
"I don't need you anymore."