Erin to Eryn to Erynne

My name has to be one of the dullest things about me. I have wild, chaotic hair, and some people would say a personality to match. My name however, has nothing to wild or chaotic to it. It has a simple meaning and a simple sound. Erin. Erin means "western island" which I believe is supposed to mean Ireland, since I've heard that my name means Ireland many times, and Ireland happens to be just west of England. My last name means nothing at all. My family received it at Ellis Island when they immigrated to this country over a hundred years ago. So, my name means, "Ireland, with no meaning." How dull, I think.

I've changed my name various times to suit my will. Mostly, I just change the spelling to E-r-y-n, which is just a tiny bit more exiting and exotic that Erin. Sometimes I even change my name completely. I've tried Fairy (long story), Thea, and Alanna. Unfortunately, it was too hard to get people to call me these names. Why do people insist on calling you your given name?

I once read in a book that a girl didn't like her name. It was Jane Johnson. She changed it to Jayyne Jonstone, and dreamed of changing it to Scarlett, Allegra, or Roxanne. I don't blame her one bit.

I'm lucky I got some people to call me Eryn, much less Alanna or Thea (although those have been successful in role-playing, but that doesn't count). People laugh at me for changing me name; they say 'What's so wrong with Erin?' and I think 'a lot more than is wrong with names like Jeesung and Bridgette.'

Why shouldn't I be able to change it?

In China, people change their names whenever they want. In America, they have to go through a legal process! My parents say this is a very good law. It may be, or it may not be. I don't know.

My name is so dull, when new teachers at the beginning of the school year take attendance and they ask everyone for nicknames, it often ends up that they ask everyone but me. "Danielle? Do you have any nicknames? No? Ok. Elliot, are you here? Do you have a nickname? All right. Erin, are you here? Ok. Attendance is done." Half of them don't even give me to chance to correct them on the spelling.

One of the worst things is that some people get even the dull form wrong. Have you ever seen Erin spelled E-r-i-n-n-e? I haven't. I've never even heard of the name Erinne, although it does have possibilities in spelling- changing. Maybe Erynne. I like it.


A/N: This is something I wrote a few months ago. I kept my name at Eryn, and didn't try and make people spell it Erynne. Also, I did further research on my name, and it actually means Ireland Reborn, with no meaning. I'm not even Irish. My middle name is Renee. Also one of my screen names, EireannRenata, is my first and middle name traced all the way back to their original forms. Not that anyone cares, but I think it's interesting. K, bye, Please Review!