A/N: Warning to all readers, this is very angsty of the angstiest poems the
author has written.
Note: Author doesn't know why she wrote this, words just came out pouring.

Pain begins
As you breathe it
Suffocating you inside
Swimming in your blood
Killing the pumping nerves
Shriveling your skin
Plucking every single hair
Skin color fading
Till' your warmth abandons you
To eat your soul
Blood running in your head
Preparing to explode
Controlling your mind
Of constant vibrating in your head
Revealing conscious of the unknown
Blending with hate, anguish
Vomiting out your beating heart
Till' your palest of the nauseous
Leaving you vulnerable
Whirling at confusion
Crying out tears
Forming an isolated ocean
An ocean...
Hoping somebody is willing to swim
With your waves of soiled sorrow