Have you ever thought how life might be

If you lived through my eyes?

Watching seconds tick away

Scared to watch the days go by

Frightened of that ominous promise

That one moment's all it takes

To fade away to nothingness

A whisper in the wind

To know it doesn't matter

How you live your life

For you'd be able to see infinity

Isn't within your grasp

You'd know the fears of living

Instead of the fears of death

And that a candy coated future

Isn't worth your time

You'd be reluctant to chase your dreams

And be happy, loved, and free

Because you'd know what you hold most precious

Will all leave you in the blink of an eye

You'd know what it's like

To feel the cold hands of reality

Even in the bliss

Of a warm summer's day

And you'd never be willing to scale the mountain

Because you're destined to fall off

And never want to gaze at starlight

Because it only reminds you of what you are

But after all, you aren't me

You can't see the things I do

If you're so sure you've opened your eyes

don't listen

For this information will do little for you

Nothing but to brand your mind

With that terror of tomorrow

And the knowledge of mankind's worthless existence

Cover your ears, hide your eyes

Shield yourself in your veil of denial

In the end, it's for your own good

And no one deserves to be fated to this