AN: This isn't my usual cup of tea (I usually write fan fics), but I have decided that due to my lack of things to do I will attempt to write an original fic. Here goes nothing!

"Remind me once again, why are we here Kar?" questioned Kennedy who was growing rather impatient, most likely due to the fact that his car had broken down on his way to pick up his daily double-tall white mocha.

Kennedy was 21 and had guitar and back-up vocals covered. He had hair that was dyed black and seemed to always be spiked, and was the shortest member of the group. Kennedy also handled the political and legal aspects of the group, when he wasn't on a caffeine or sugar buzz.

"Yeah, remind us Jeff" chimed in a slightly aggravated Peter before Karlie could respond.

Peter was 20, making him the youngest member of the band and had been playing drums since he was 12. He had long, brown hair and was second shortest in the band. Peter seemed to be the most normal member of the Zero Heroes, which is really sad considering that Peter made little people out of bent paper clips that he called "Wireys".

"Well. err. kind of a funny story actually," stammered Jeff, "Ya know that house of blues deal? I kinda-sorta entered us for the contest thing and well. we won"

Jeff was, by far, the weirdest band member of the band. At 22, he was also the oldest. Jeff had average length hair that was dirty blond, was the other guitarist in the group, and was the second tallest in the group. Jeff had been in a drug rehab center for most of the previous year, and was the most recent member to join the band.

"And you did this knowing fully well that we do not yet have a bass player" added Karlie, who had finally woken up from her daydream.

Karlie was also 21 and was the lead singer of the Zero Heroes. She had medium length hair that was dyed black and was the tallest group member. Karlie also handled the interviews alongside Kennedy, which made for a very interesting interview when it was aired on television or radio. The group was noted for not doing too many live interviews, as the TV or radio station usually liked to censor them beforehand.

"Yeah. Uhh. NEXT!" shouted Jeff

The next audition for bass player walked into the dimly lit room and promptly removed his scratching hand from his butt.

"Gods no." muttered Karlie, rubbing her hand on her head.

"Just give him a chance," said Peter, by far the calmest member of the group at the moment "It's seven in the morning"

The bass player opened his case and pulled out his bright pink and baby blue instrument.

"Ahh! My eyes!" screamed Karlie as she ducked behind the table, shielding her eyes from the instrument.

Kennedy just sat there petrified, his eyes the size of pancakes, Peter proceeded to pound the table with his fists and laugh his fooled head off, and Jeff stood up and walked towards the bass player, muttering something about pretty colors. This prompted the bass player to pick up his open case and make a bee-line for the exit.

After several minutes of pounding their fists on the table, sitting petrified, gazing mystically into space, and hiding behind the table muttering insanely about bright colors, the band recomposed themselves and were ready to tackle another audition.

"NEXT!" Peter shouted into the hallway, still slightly chuckling.

At this point a tall woman, about 20, with long brown hair walked into the room, looking like she owned the place. She proceeded to set up her instrument and began to play the bass part that she had obviously made up by herself for Seven Nation Army by the White Stripes.

"Friend of yours?" Jeff asked Peter, who couldn't take his eyes off of her.

"Yeah," answered Peter "Isn't she amazing?"

"Whatever" whispered Jeff

The audition seemed to last forever. When it had finally ended, Karlie decided that it was her turn to speak for the group.

"Not bad," she said, "Ya know, if we were looking for some one who could throw random notes together with absolutely no effort at all, you just might be the guy that we're looking for. Unfortunately for you, we're looking for some one with. what's the word I'm looking for. talent. We're looking for some one with talent so. bye bye"

With the last two words, Karlie made a gesture to the door. The audition burst into tears and ran out of the room.

"Woah, Peter, why didn't you tell me that your girlfriend had such fragile feelings?" stated Jeff as he watched the woman flee the room.

"Hold on a tick," Kennedy butted in, " You mean to say that you two are, or were, groin buddies?!"

"Jeeze, nobody tells me anything around here" said Karlie, looking rather disappointed.

"Okay, I think it's time for us to take a coffee break" offered Jeff as he attempted, and succeeded, in bringing the current situation to a close.

TBC. the band goes to Starbucks