The Impede Chronicles

Chapter 0

[Screen turns from black to a close up view of a girl's A-cup breasts]


This is the first ½ of the prologue.

This is a rated PG-13/R story, so if you don't like them, stop right here.

We say minor swears but there's a lot of gross stuff in here.

[Zoom goes out so you can see her chest up to the top of her head, where
her long, brown hair starts.]

Let's begin with who I am and a bit about my family.

I'm Jessica Fitzgerald, oldest of the Fitzgerald family. I have three
siblings, a mother, and a stepfather.

Let us begin with my youngest by two minutes brother Darren.

Darren is a fourth grader. A VERY annoying fourth grader at that. He is about four ft. eight or four ft. nine, I wouldn't know, I don't measure my brother's height. He has dark brown hair, just like everyone else in this
family besides my stepfather. He just discovered hormones, and it's
horrible, he's like a little sicker.

I also have a two minutes older brother Darrel.

Darrel is also a fourth grader. Just like Darren, he is extremely annoying.
He is exactly the same height as Darren, I guess, they're twins. He has
brown hair, like his twin. He knew about hormones after Darren, because
even though Darrel is older by two minutes, he is totally immature.

Then there is my little sister, Susie.

Susie is a first grader. She's actually quite creepy. Many question her about her sexuality, along with me. She has stringy, brown hair. She can't
even pronounce hormones. She, though, is not immature like Darren and
Darrel; she watches them.

I don't want to mention my stepfather, so let's skip to mom.

Her name is Terry. And most of us here call her Terry. She's not even like
a mom. She's extremely creepy; she almost always yells or talks about
hormones. I'm sure we're sick of it. She's about three feet taller than
Susie, who is 3'6. I don't know how old my mom is.

Lastly, there is me.

I told you my name was Jessica Fitzgerald. I have beautiful, brown hair
that is shoulder-length. I am about 5'5, and I don't think I'm very

[Screen zooms out so you see her entire body]

The rest of the story will be in third person.

This half of the prologue involves what happened before Jessica became a Fitzgerald. Now she's a Deschu.

Brace yourselves, children, this is going to be one hell of a ride.

(Other ½ Prologue Begins: The Soup Kitchen)

[Jessica picked up her bags, she and her family, the Deschu's were supposed to take their own separate flights from Denmark, Europe to California, United States. She stared at her private jet plane and wondered if her family had already left for America yet. Jessica was so happy when she heard about the move that she danced around like some weird person.]

[Still staring at the plane, Jessica realized someone had called her.

Jessica: Pardon?

Voice: We're going to leave now, come on now, Miss Deschu.

[Jessica nodded and handed her bags over to her flight attendant, or her supervisor, she couldn't tell them apart.]

[Blank Screen]

[Int. American Airlines]

Supervisor: You might want to chew on something or your ears will pop.

[Jessica nodded and did so, wondering if her parents were doing the exact same thing at that moment. Then, even though she did as instructed, she realized her ears still popped. She glared at her supervisor, but looked out the dimmed windows as the airplane flew 5,000, 10,000, 15,000, 40,000 feet into the air. The trees got smaller, the people like specks, she could only see the roofs of most houses now, and they were probably as small as ants. Now she could see the clouds, and she loved how soft they looked.]

[It was as if Jessica wanted to reach out and touch them.]

[And it was then that her supervisor told her she should probably go to sleep.]

Jessica: Can I please have something to drink first?

Supervisor: Of course, what?

Jessica: Red wine.

Supervisor [thinking]: Coming right up.

[Jessica smiled and went back to glancing out the windows.]

Supervisor: Jessica?

Jessica: Yes?

Supervisor: Your drink, Miss Deschu.

Jessica: Thank you.

[Jessica took the drink from the supervisor's hands and sipped it down her throat, gulping after a while. She ordered about three more until she actually got drunk. She never realized it.]

[She never realized the deadly silence and the moment of her eyes shutting. She never knew at that moment she would never see her parents again.]

[And then it happened, she fell asleep.]

[Blank Screen]

[Int. The Plane]

Intercom: .Plane going down, number 233543, at 7:15 am. SOP, please, Save Our Plane. Plane going down. Please!

[Jessica's eyes flicked open as she heard the last sentence. She yawned and stared at the pilots and supervisor. The supervisor stared at her.

Jessica: What? What is it?

Supervisor: Nothing.

Jessica: It's something.

Supervisor: No, I just had to tell you.

Jessica: What happened?

[Jessica looked at him worriedly.]

[He couldn't tell her when she had that look of sadness on her face.]

Supervisor: We're almost there.

[Jessica smiled.]

Jessica: How long?

Supervisor: Ah. About.

[Jessica watched him as he turned around towards the clock, but there was none, so he asked the pilot.]

Supervisor [faint]: What time is it?

Pilot [fainter]: Ah, about. William, take over, will you?

2nd Pilot: Sure, Joe.

1st Pilot [fainter]: It's 7:18 am, we'll be there in about.

[The pilot asked the 2nd Pilot something, and 2nd Pilot replied.]

1st Pilot: We'll be there at 7:25.

Supervisor: AM or PM?

1st Pilot: AM.

Supervisor: Definitely?

1st Pilot: Oh, of course.

Supervisor: Positively? Miss Deschu needs to know exactly.

1st Pilot: Tell Miss Deschu we'll be there at 7:25AM exactly which is in.

[The first pilot looked at the watch and noticed it was seven twenty.]

1st Pilot: Five minutes, exactly.

Supervisor: Okay, thank you.

[The Supervisor walked over to Jessica who was looking out the window again, just listening.]

Supervisor: We will be the in five minutes.

Jessica: What's that down there?

[The supervisor looked out the window and frowned, but Jessica did not notice.]

Supervisor: I don't know, an accident, maybe? Perhaps a car accident with some ambulances.

Jessica: Unless a car blew up, you're lying.

[The supervisor frowned and walked away.]

Jessica: Come back!

Supervisor: Yes, Miss Deschu?

Jessica: What. Was. That?

Supervisor: I do not know, Miss Deschu.

Jessica: And stop calling me that!

Supervisor: Sorry, Mis-Jessica.

Jessica: Okay, very well. Now how many minutes will we be there?

Supervisor: About.

Jessica: Well?

[The plane began decreasing speed and height.]

Supervisor [smiling]: Right now.

Jessica: Good, I was beginning to think I was going to have to kill someone around here to hurry up the speed already, you know what I mean?

Supervisor: Yes, Miss Deschu.

Jessica: Now, what did I tell you about calling me Miss Deschu and not Jessica Deschu?

Supervisor: I'm dearly sorry, Jessica.

Jessica: God, you better be, you're so annoying!

[Before the supervisor could reply, the plane landed on the airway. Jessica stood up but instantly fell to the ground because the pane was still moving. It stopped moving, and the pilots unbuckled their seatbelts, opening the door and jumped out, unfolding the stairs that connected to the airplane.]

Supervisor: Well, Jessica, it is time to get out.

[Jessica smiled, standing up and getting out of the airplane. As soon as she got to the bottom she realized her parents were not waiting for her. She looked all around the outside of the airport, and then thought maybe they had been already inside the airport, so she ran ahead, but was stopped by the supervisor calling after her.]

Supervisor: Jessica! No! We have to tell you something!

[Jessica turned around smiling.]

Jessica: We?

[But Jessica was only lead to disappointment, Jessica's parents, Blaire and Jennifer, were not there. No, they were nowhere to be seen.]

[She looked at the supervisor's face and thought back to what she was looking at in the airplane.]

Jessica: What. Happened?

Supervisor: Jessica. I'm so.

[Jessica's eyes watered and tear streamed down her face, one after the other, and they gained wetness, each and every tear getting hotter against her cheeks. Eventually they reached her chin and she trembled slightly. She hugged the supervisor, even though she didn't know his name.]

Jessica: How...? When.?

[Tears wouldn't stop escaping her eyes.]

Jessica: No. No. Mom, Dad!

[The supervisor took her hand and walked her into the airport. Jessica looked around, trying to determine if her parents were there or not. They weren't, though, and Jessica knew that. It was no loose looking for them, they had died, and they would not be coming back.]

[The supervisor lead Jessica into a cab, and until then Jessica kept asking herself where he was taking her to.]

Jessica: Where are you taking u-

Supervisor [talking to the man in the cab]: To the orphanage, home, please?

Man in Cab: Of course, that's only about five minutes away.

Supervisor: How much do you think that will be?

[The man started the car and began to drive.]

Man in Cab: About seven dollars, perhaps? That's what I think.

Supervisor: Do you take checks?

[The man looked in the mirror for a second.]

Man in Cab: What do you think?

[Jessica chuckled, but then cried again.]

[Blank Screen]

[Int. The Orphanage]

Woman: Oh, it is delightful to meet you, Jessica! We'll just put you in room number nine.

[The woman guided Jessica to a room with three, creepy kids.]

Jessica [squealing]: No, no, no!

[Jessica was forced into the room.]

[The children whined and stirred all around.]

1st Kid: We've been here forever.

2nd Kid: You'll never get out.

3rd Kid: No one will buy you.

4th Kid: We're like slaves.

5th Kid: They treat us horribly.

6th Kid: We'll die.

7th Kid: We'll kill you.

[The last kid was a girl; she didn't say a word. She had long, stringy brown hair. Jessica sat next to her.]

[Blank Screen]

[Int. Soup Kitchen]

[Jessica and the girl, Susie, got to know each other pretty well. Jessica had been there for quite a while, and this was the day they would finally get chosen. They were just randomly eating food. A woman, man, and two little boys walked up to them.]

[Jessica had learned how to live as a homeless child, one whom no one cared for. Jessica had been abandoned, and she learned to not miss anyone. If someone had unrestraint you, you realize no one really loves you.]

Woman: Jessica?

[Jessica turned around.]

Jessica: Yes?

Man: Hi, I'm Dwayne. This is my wife, Terry, and my two kids, Darren and Darrel.

[Jessica smiled.]

Jessica: Nice to meet you.

[Jessica turned around to eat her food again.]

Dwayne: No, we wanted to ask you something.]

Jessica: Yes?

Terry: We wanted to adopt you.

Jessica: Oh that is nice.

[Jessica turned around again.]

Dwayne: Well?

Jessica: I'm not going to be adopted if Susie does not go with me.

All four: Susie?

Jessica: Yes. Susie is my friend.

Terry: Oh that's nice.

Jessica: Yes.

Dwayne: Well that can be arranged.

Jessica: Oh, really?

Terry and Dwayne: Yes, of course.

Jessica: You sure you have that kind of money?

Terry: Oh, yes.

Susie: What do you do, strip for fun?

[This question was for Dwayne, she knew somehow that Terry didn't work, if she did she would look completely exhausted.]

Dwayne: Well.

Susie: Well?

Dwayne: No.

Susie: Then what do you do?

Dwayne: I'm a technologist.

[And that was it, Jessica and Susie moved into Dwayne, Terry, Darrel, and Darren's house. Simple as that.

(End of Prologue: The Soup Kitchen)