A/N: This is an alternative epilogue, it's not the real one, but if you think this one is better, then. I guess it is. I apologize that the epilogue was short; I don't have much time for writing anymore. I think I'll have another story up soon, perhaps on , I haven't decided yet. Anyway, enjoy my final addition to the Impede Chronicles.

Impede Chronicles

Chapter Thirteen Alternate Epilogue: Just Kidding

[Jessica jerked to life, her eyes shifting from place to place underneath her closed eyelids.]

Jessica (thinking): It was just a dream.

Voice: Darling?

[The room was silent though, and Jessica didn't reply.]

Voice: Darling.

[It seemed to have more demanding voice to it now, though.]

Voice: We know you're awake, now get up!

[When Jessica realized her body was being thrust up and down, it was then she finally answered the person or persons who were shaking her. Oh, so hard. Were they trying to damage her head or something?]

Jessica: What do you want, Jesus Christ!

[Her eyes flickered open, and she glared back at a face that was. Unfamiliar to her, really.]

Jessica: Who. Who are you?

Person: Don't play games with us Anna; we're getting you out of this place.

[Jessica raised her eyebrow when the person, who seemed to have short, brown hair, and was clearly a woman, and an ugly face, called her Anna.]

Person: My name's not Anna. It's Jessica.

[Jessica now studied the woman, noticing she had a blue sweater on, with beige pants, and black boots on.]

Person: I guess you're NOT better since you're telling yourself that, still.

Jessica: Better?

'Mom': Anna, you're dad and I have. Institutionalized you because you've been saying you're Jessica and you have friends like Raven and Jeff. Along with a mother named Terry and a father named. Wayne or something, and two brothers. You're an only child, Anna!


[It was then that she felt a hard punch thrown in her direction, which hit her square in the jaw, with so much force it made her fall back into her bed.]

Voice: Why do I have to have such an insane daughter?

[The voice was not a calm one, and it wasn't a woman's. It came from a man, short, blond hair, blue eyes, and a black sweater on, with blue jeans. He was tall and muscular. He kind of reminded Jessica of a taller Jeff.]

Jessica: Stop it!

[There was a silence in the room, as Jessica pulled herself off the bed, ripping off the IV cords and such right off of her very veins.]

Jessica: I don't know who the hell you people think you are, but you better leave me alone before I smack you down!

[Jessica's 'mother' reached towards her, grabbing at her neck.]

'Mom': Anna, you're coming home with us whether you like it or not.

[Jessica's eyes started to roll inside her head, as she grasped for breath, but instead of grabbing breath, she dug into her 'mom's' eyes, tearing one, and she was forced to watch it collapse.]

'Dad': Touch her again, Anna.

[The stranger was talking calmly, while the woman ran around the room, clawing at her face, tears streaming down it, while Jessica stood, just now realizing the hospital gown around her.]

Jessica: And what? You'll hit me? Strangle me? Abuse me? Rape me?

[The man seemed to back up a bit as she slowly came closer, an insane look in her eyes.]

Jessica: Because I REALLY don't care.

[The man glanced at his wife, spotting what Jessica had down to her, and took off running, reaching for the door. Pulling it open, he ran for it, while Jessica slowly walked toward the woman, pinning her to a while and grabbing her throat, tightening the grip terribly.]

'Mom': Please. Don't.

[The woman managed through the little bit of breath she had left. But it was too late. Jessica didn't even know the people, and they had tortured her, calling her a name that wasn't hers, banging her against the bed, and punching her. It was enough. Jessica raised the woman higher into the air, legs kicking but not getting anywhere.]

Jessica: Goodbye.

[She said, as the woman's pulse stopped making noise and her heart stopped beating.]

Jessica: And I'm sorry you had to do this to me.

[Jessica walked to the door, attempting to open it. But it wouldn't open. But a sudden instinct came upon her, something JESSICA didn't have. Something Anna had. And she pulled out a paper clip, bent in a strange way, and put it in the hole of the doorknob, turning it and hearing a familiar click.]

Jessica: Dandy.

[Turning the knob, she walked into a hall, her feet cold against the floor. An intercom was faintly heard in the background, a few doctors walked by, giving her strange looks. But she ignored it.]

Voice: Anna? Anna Webster?

[Jessica turned, realizing the first name.]

Jessica: What?

[She was facing a doctor, a female doctor. She wore blue pants and a blue shirt, a white mask hanging around her neck.]

Doctor: Anna, you have to go back to your room.

Jessica: I have to get out of here, I'm sorry.

[The doctor looked down at a clipboard.]

Doctor: But it says right here that you're.

[And she stopped dead in her tracks.]

Doctor: Your father took you out of here. You're free to go.

Jessica: Thanks. Goodbye.

[The doctor still looked confused, staring at the clipboard.]

Doctor: You're... Welcome.

[Jessica was about to turn and walk away, but an idea sprang in her head.]

Jessica: Do I have a set up CLOTHES I can change into?

Doctor: Oh, uh, yeah.

[The doctor nodded for Jessica to follow, and she did. The doctor put a key in a doorknob, and Jessica read the sign on the side. It said "Miscellaneous Room".]

Jessica: Are these my clothes or someone else's?

Doctor: Yours.

Jessica: Good.

Doctor: I'll wait for you to change and then get you a cab to get out of here.

[Jessica nodded, as she went to the clothes, as the doctor went to another section of the room, where it curved, as Jessica glanced through the selection. A long-sleeved, fishnet shirt with a silky bra underneath. Familiar enough? But she moved on, her eyes catching a nice, long sleeved, blue blouse, and a black skirt, along with some nice high-heeled shoes.]

Doctor: Almost done, Anna?

[Jessica cringed at the name.]

Jessica: I didn't even pick yet.

[Grabbing the clothing, she threw her gown off, pulling the blouse and skirt on, then putting on the shoes. Pulling her hair up, she grabbed a ponytail, tying her hair back into one.]

Jessica: Now I'm ready.

Doctor: I'll call a cab.

Jessica: Okay.

[Jessica heard a barely distinct beeping, which was the doctor calling the cab. But Jessica's eyes were elsewhere. A shiny object caught her eyes, and she slowly moved toward it.]

Doctor: Miss Webster?

[The voice interrupted her, but she quickly grabbed the object, putting it in her pocket.]

Jessica: Yeah?

Doctor: You ready?

Jessica: Yes, thank you.

[Jessica walked towards the door, meeting the doctor there. But before they went into the hallway, the doctor stopped her.]

Doctor: What was it like to be.

[Jessica stared her straight in the eyes.]

Jessica: Insane?

[The doctor slowly nodded, smacking herself for asking.]

Jessica: I'm not insane. I had a life. And I liked it, and then it went downhill, and my stepfather raped me, and I got AIDS. And I even got beat up by a gang, just for fun. And they said I was in it before they did, but I assume they were joking. But now I'm here, and I have no memory of my past. Of my name being Anna. In all of my mind, my name is Jessica.

[The doctor gave her a 'you are crazy' look, but they walked out into the hall without another word exchanged.]

Doctor: Sorry for asking.

Jessica: It's fine.

[But all too quickly they were standing in front of the doorway, and Jessica pushed open the glass door, heading towards the yellow cab pulled right up to the driveway of the mental hospital.]

Jessica: Here goes nothing.

[She said to herself, saying goodbye to the past and hello to the present. Jessica walked towards the cab, opening the back door, and saying her hellos to the driver.]

Driver: Are you one of those. Insane people or whatever?

[Jessica was sick of this, so she just replied in a frightening way.]

Jessica: Yes I am, and if you say anything to anyone I'll slit your throat.

[The driver shut up and went back to the road.]

Driver: Where to?

[Jessica didn't reply for quite a while, but then she remembered her home, and told him the name of it.]

Driver: But that's so far away!

[Jessica shuddered at the retort.]

Jessica: Drive.

Driver: Fine.

[She stared out the window, the one thing she could do at that moment.]

Driver: So. Why were you in there.

Jessica: Not sure really.

[There was a silence before the driver ignorantly asked the next question.]

Driver: Got a name?

Jessica: Apparently, it's Anna.

Driver: Apparently?

[Jessica raised an eyebrow sarcastically.]

Jessica: I thought it was Jessica.

[The driver closed his mouth then, reaching the highway and focusing on the road for quite some time.]

Driver: So.

[Jessica sighed, annoyed by this man's talking. But it was then, she noticed that they'd pulled to a stop, and he was climbing towards the back of the car.]

Driver: You're quite a prize, Jessica.

Jessica: Call me Anna.

[This man was getting on her nerves, and why wasn't he driving her? She began to get chills up her spine.]

Driver: Take off that pretty little blouse of yours.

[The voice was calm, yet demanding at the same time.]

Jessica: No, you pervert!

[She attempted to push him off, but his muscles were much too powerful for her skinny limbs. He unbuttoned her blue shirt, taking it off and revealing a black bra.]

Jessica: Stop it!

[But he wouldn't, as he pulled off his shirt.]

Jessica: You disgust me.

[She whispered, but pretended to love this. Pulling him towards her, she kissed his neck, reaching down to the segment in between his shoulder and his neck. Jessica then showed teeth, and with one quick movement, her teeth were digging into his flesh, puncturing marks into it.]

Jessica: Merry Christmas. Now DRIVE.

[And with that, he started to ooze blood, and the driver scrambled towards the front seat, putting the key in the ignition and turning to the right, and the car turned on.]

Driver: You're crazy.

Jessica: Thanks.

[The driver began to speed, and Jessica grabbed the handle of the door, pushing it open. At a red light, she got out, ignoring the calls from him.]

Driver: Hey, what about my money!

Jessica: You attempted to rape me. You're not getting any.

[Several faces in the cars turned towards the cab driver, and spat on the ground at him from what Jessica said.]

[Fade to Black]

[Int. Highway]

[It was too bad Jessica had left right then, the red light was right at the beginning of the highway, and she had to walk quite a while. But it didn't matter to her that much, really.]

Jessica: I just want. To go back to my old life.

[It was then, that she started to miss the 'old' days.]

[Fade to Black]

[Int. The Past]

Light: .ven't got all day, wake up.

Jessica: What the.?

Light: Hey, don't swear in front of me. I am your Guardian Angel.

Jessica: I have an angel?

Light: Well, yeah, just for you, you're so lucky.

Jessica: Oh, my Go-err, Gosh. Are you The One?

Light: Who's the one.?

[Fade to Black]

[Int. Highway]

Jessica: Light. I need to talk to you.


[Int. Dark Room]

Light: Nice to talk to you again.

Jessica: Jessica! Call me Jessica!

Light: That. ISN'T your name.

Jessica: But they said it was Anna.

Light: That's your name.

Jessica: No! No. It's Jessica!

Light: Sorry. But your name is Anna Webster.

[Jessica stared into the darkness, tears forming at the corners of her eyes.]

Jessica: My name is Jessica.

Light: The only Jessica I know is Jessica Fitzgerald.

Jessica: That's me!

Light: She's dead.

Jessica: What do you mean she's dead?

Light: Well, she has fatal wounds and is in a coma.

Jessica: Fatal wounds.?

Light: Yeah, but why do you care?

Jessica: Because I'm Jessica.

Light: Yep that's why you look exactly like her. Looked in the mirror lately?

[Jessica looked confused.]

Jessica: Do you have a mirror on you?

Light: Yeah, I'll just pull it out of my pocket.

Jessica: Gee, thanks.

[But she was staring at someone now, short, brown hair, a sad face, green eyes. She was skinny, and she wore a blue blouse, unbuttoned, which had a black bra underneath. It was Jessica. Except it was Anna.]

[And then at once, she was back on the highway, tears now reaching her chin.]

Jessica: I'm never going to be Jessica again. And I'm certainly not going to be Anna.

[Jessica grabbed the silver object out of her pocket. A long, sharp razor blade.]

Jessica: I'm sorry world. Jeff, Raven, Terry, Darrel, Darren, Susie.

[From Jessica's first memories of getting picked up all the way to her knocking on Jeff's door. Even her getting beat up flashed before her eyes in just a few split seconds, as her eyes flickered and she collapsed to the ground, pints of blood seeping from her wrist.]