bThe Actor/b

Your myopia has gotten the best of you!

My myopia, is the best of me, dahling!

Precision gives me headaches.

The world is so much better when fuzzy.

Funny, she thinks. Your ambiguities

have been the root of most of my vexation

[and paradoxically a genesis of scores of hopeful blossoms of so many schools of thought].

Why must you always think in such big words?

He says with wry smile on his crooked lips

and glint of a shooting star across his eyes.

If I had been in a sand box

[and five years old]

I suppose I would have thrown sand into his brilliant blue eyes

[blue eyes will be the death of me].

Alas, she was at a loss of sand

[and a loss for words]

so she lightly laughs closing her eyes

[tilting her head just so slightly downwards and to the right].

Had this tale been of fairybook end

he would have lifted her chin with gallant hand.

[But it wasn't and he didn't.]

He drags on a cigarette

manipulating his eyes and mouth

in a way that only actors ever do.

Damn you, she thinks but doesn't mean it.

If you're not very careful, I might just start to like you very much, she says.

Oh, I'm not very good at being careful.

[He talks with his hands.]

If I were you and I were me, I wouldn't trust me.

He takes a long drag from the fag between his fingers smiling that repulsive smile in the way that only actors always do.