buffalo rumba

Come into my lair and I'll show you my world

whispers the wide-eyed old man

beckoning her into an enchanted

dance hall where the hunters and buffalo


across the warm walls

glowing golden brown

from the flicker of a candle


wax upon her porcelain skin.

Porcelain gleaming ivory in the muddy confines

feels rightly displaced yet

strangely at home in the mire.

Meandering through his labyrinth

running milky fingers along the earthen walls

she soils her delicate glaze with the grit

of the wide-eyed old man's secrets.

He hollers with excitement as she follows

deeper into his primordial abode.

Grabbing her hand he pulls her running

dancing like buffalo across the grassy plain

evading the stealth spear of the lonesome hunter.


with the eccentricity of an old man

and the wide-eyed wonderment of a porcelain doll with tousled hair.