Friends Forever

I can remember seeing dusty blond hair

Paired with a set of green eyes-

Eyes that were often laughing.

I can remember climbing

Upon the rough wood of my playground-

Or on each other.

I can remember saying:

"So what do you want to play?"

A question my friend answered with an:

"I don't know. What do you want to play?"

Sometimes we'd just be content with the simple things:

Flopping down on the soft, emerald grass,

Or snacking on chocolaty Nutella on bread.

I can remember hearing the gravel crunch on the driveway

When our mothers arrived home.

And the two of us saying in unison:

"AWWWW! Just ten more minutes!"

A/N: My English teacher had us write this poem in the form of another poem called "Memory" by Margaret Walker. But the only thing that is the same about our poems are some of the colons and the phrase "I can remember". Otherwise, this is my original work. Read and review!