Hey, readers!

What's up? I'm starting a new story. It's about three girls, Katrina, Davina, and Pilar. They all live in a world where the freedom is a mere fantasy and hope is almost vanishing. The government have allowed experimentation that started with the stem cell research to become so advanced, that it is possible to create a human, unable to die, unable to be sick, and so smart, that they would have done calculus when they were three. Pilar is a lost girl who had been one of the older clones, with the commander after her as he desperately wishes that she either remains his and no one else's. Katrina is the leader who everyone looks up to, unable to show any signs of weaknesses, and feels hopeless until someone made everything perfect. Davina is a Mexican girl who has faced many losses and is almost unable to cope with those.

As these three girls join forces, can it be possible for them to actually win? Is it possible that they can live "happily ever after?"

Well, that's the summary. Rated PG-13 for sexual content and mild swearing. If you have any q's, you can email me or submit a review! I will be posting my story every week on Friday, as I have so MUCH homework!

Well, that's about it for now. Read and review. Critize like crazy, because I'm thinking about publishing it.

Love ya guyz,

Luv and Peace