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Chapter 3

_10 minutes before the explosion..

"For the love of GOD! STOP!"

"Then, tell me, dammit, where is the BASE?! Or I'll blow your brains out!"

"I don't know! Let me GO!"

Cries of tortured soul came from the prisons, and no color was allowed here. Even the guards wore grey, and their skin was either white or black. All the guards had either blue, grey eyes, creating an environment that was beyond cold. Cold was the theme, expression, surrounding, everything. Without the feel of remorse, they tortured. When they left, the good ones had too much guilt to pay any attention to the tavern wrenches, the evil ones enjoyed themselves thoroughly. It was a time of insanity, where humanity was scorned at, and brutality won.

A pair of eyes, different from the others, shone out in the dark. Red, like the fire as it blazed, or the setting of the sun, as the sky turned bloody. He walked with a natural grace, as if he was gifted from heaven, as if he was a cat.

"Let him go, Chester," the voice said. Even the voice sounded so musical, as if the man was singing rather than commanding despite the fact that this man had the authority over everything in the prison.

"Sergeant LeFaye," Chester addressed standing up straight. His grey eyes looked at the ceiling and his red hair was hidden under the ridiculous cap they were required to wear. "What brings you to our humble prison?"

In stead of answering, Lefaye asked, "Have you done your homework, Ramiro?"

"In about two minutes."

An identifiable shake went through the ground, and as the prisoners whimpered, Lefaye smirked, "Well done."


Pilar's Dream:

Darkness was enveloping me, slowly cutting off any air supply I had. The only ray of sun was coming from down the hallway, near the computer room. There were sounds coming from there as well. I knew that if I walked through that doorway, I was dead. No questions asked. I huddled at a corner feeling like a wimp, like a six year old who was a coward. My teddy bear, Sugar, was in my arms. I panted as my heart beat accelerated.

I could see Chester's face, his evil smirk, and his dirty hands on me. I could feel the embarrassment, the guilt, the regret but most awful of all, I felt like a victim.

Suddenly, I heard my mother's voice coming from the study. She was yelling my name over and over, after ending it sometimes with "my baby". Automatically I shot up, ran to the room with light.

As soon as I entered the room, I saw my mother clutching her chest, blood spurting out of her beautiful face and her blonde curly hair seemed tainted with blood. Her arm was raised towards me, as if she wanted to hug me, or protect me. It was too late.




"Area 559, we seem to be having a blitz. Coding, lots of zeros and ones. Pattern is still be to detected," Pause, "There are voices, however it is evidently hard to decipher what is being said. Language is perhaps Germen. English words understood: kidnap, use, and kill. No name is mentioned. Biological words used include T cells, among other cellular names."


Agitated, I brushed away my blonde hair and clucked, my blue eyes narrowing as I thoughtfully tried to catch what was on the computer. I placed my finger on the pause button as I squinted to listen what the voice was saying, then turned the play button again, "Cannot identify as a woman or man, suspect origins of voice to be a part of a government experiment. More examination is recommended. File 09921, clear." Pressing the stop button, I leaned closer to identify what the sound actually was. It vibrated through the room as it moaned. There were a few shuffles, which indicated the object can move, but what was it?

"Turn it off," a husky voice said behind me. I turned around and regarded the speaker thoughtfully with a smile. Obeying his command, I turned it off. The room suddenly was so quiet, with the absence of the "sound"

I cleared my throat, "What do you think it is?"

Skyller shook his head, his green eye regarding everything without a slight emotion. "Get a move on, we're wanted at Katrina's. No questions."

Without another word, he left.

I followed him.

What choice did I have? It seemed so bleak coming here, and working with Skyller, when I had worked with Eric. Skyller was cold, almost ruthless, and was the perfect description of "a man with few words". I wonder why sometimes. Was it because something horrible happened to him?

As we walked up the darkened stairs and neared Katrina's office, I studied him from the corner of my eyes. In the last few months, all I knew about him was that his name was Skyller and he had been a past flame of Katrina's. I wonder..

"Hello, Skyller, Pilar. Have a seat."

Settling down, I noticed that there were other people in the room. I recognized most of them, having met them at the earlier meetings; there was Doll with Miguel, and that Lee, and Stewart. But who was the guy staring outside the window?

"Well, Walker, this is Pilar and Skyller. They are part of the researchers and the computer geniuses in our camp." After each nodded to each other in acknowledgement, Katrina continued, "Alright. Now that we have bee acquainted with each other, I should proceed to inform you the purpose of this meeting. We have information about a scientist, named Zertasia, who is genius. She may have information about the government's plan. Also, we are to request her to join us, for she is 'sitting on the fence', as the saying goes. Am I perfectly clear?"

"So, we persuade this Zertasia to join us, get as much information as we can and what? What if she says no?" I asked.

"Then I'm afraid you have no choice but to kill her. And when she has said yes, we will have to test her loyalty of course, bind her to us. Do you understand?"

"Yes," Skyller murmured, "But I won't kill her. If she joins, she joins. We can't force people."

Katrina shocked at being challenged glared at Skyller. Skyller didn't break the stare only stared harder with no expression. Slowly, the edges around his eyes softened and he looked away. Katrina had one of her eyebrows raised at his actions. She turned to me, "Will you do it then?"

"If I truly think she will harm us, then yes I will."

"Good." Katrina opened her drawer and took out another folder, "You are dismissed. All of you."


"You're alive?"

That's the first thing that came out of Skyller's mouth as we walked into the hallway. I turned to look at him, but saw that he was talking to that Chase fellow we were introduced to. Chase was handsome alright, but someone not to be trusted. I felt uneasy, but not as uneasy as I felt about Skyller.

"Well, yes." He answered back. I noticed the English accent, although very slight. "Tell me, how are you? How is life here?"

"Planning on staying?"

"Nah, it wouldn't do. You know what a fan of luxury I am."

I noticed for the first time the slight smile on Skyller's face. He rolled his eyes, "I remember. Why don't you get to the point?"

"Oh, don't be like that. I'm already sore from Davina's cold attitude." He pretended to rub his chest as if bruised. "Well, aren't you the bird I was introduced to?"

I smiled at him, "I prefer chick to bird."

"I like you," Chase said, "You do know Skyller here has been a friend of mine since we were in grade nine? Grade ten?"

"Grade five." Skyller corrected, amused.

"Same difference." Chase waved the answer away before turning to me, "Anyway, the first time I met Katrina, you know the broad who's managing this messy business? The first thing out of her mouth when I said hi to her was, 'Oh, dear, doesn't anybody here realize that snow can be actually harmful? As the rays of the sun hit the sun, it is'.what did she say, Sky? You remember?"

Skyller smiled, "Yes, reflected back at the powerful, superior beings like her and she was wasting her time playing at recess." He shook his head sadly, "Good times."

The look in his eyes would have melted anyone, myself included, and I almost reached up to hug him only to force my hand to remain with me by shoving deep into my jacket. Awkwardly, I smiled, "Yeah."

"Don't worry, bird. We're not getting you out of our loop. In fact, why don't you go start packing your things, eh? Then we'll all go to a nice road trip to Miss Zatesha."

"It's Zertasia."

"Same difference."


Well, packing was easy. All I had to do was put in my tooth brush, clothes, female necessities, a couple of guns, bombs, nothing big. Despite how ironic it sounded, I had been put through this kind of assignments many times. The only thing that was difficult for me was the wait. When Davina had returned, she brought with her a few survivors. Grime had covered every inch of her, and the humor and I saw everyday in her seemed to have disappeared the moment Chase had walked in. In fact, the moment he walked in was when Davina had been in the arms of Eric. Then I recognized Chase. That's when I remembered.

This man had been the same boy holding Davina.

I had been in shock for a few minutes and recovered quickly. Davina had told me frequently how she missed her brother, and how he disappeared with Walker a.k.a. Chase. She had repeatedly told me about the times they had spent together and recounted to the silliest things they had done. I had a feeling that I was looking at the real Davina, the one who was losing her best friend slowly, who had already lost her family, then her brother, and then finally, her love. She had lost so many people, it was how she seemed optimistic all the time.

Why couldn't Skyller be like that? Had he gone through the same thing?

I had stayed here for three years and never had he indicated anything about his past. I had assumed that he was still in love with Katrina however unable to express it. Either that, or he had lost people as well, and was currently hurting.

I hoped it was not the latter.

A knock interrupted my thoughts. "It's time."

I shrugged out of my thoughts, picked up my bags and headed towards the door.

After all, it was a waste of time to think.

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