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That night, in an inn a good distance from any town, Nera dreamed.

She was running through a cornfield, running fast, and as she ran a path formed under her feet. Her life flowed out ahead of her, brightly colored. The air tasted of the joy of the fight, her friendship with Rak, life in Kerayan. Memories swirled around her, just barely recognized before they darted away and were lost in the whirlwind of days surrounding her. Her steps were light and sure, and the path grew long.

Soon she reached the point where she accepted the quest from the High Council. She smelled a sharp tang in the air, and wondered what it was. Just then she saw the wall. It was huge, stretching off to infinity. Black as pitch, it loomed inevitably above the landscape, filling her vision and blotting out the sun. Seeing it, she was seized by a desperate need to escape, but the wall was pulling her, and she could not break away. The path flew by, and she began to smell something lovely, yet it burned her inside.

She drew near to the wall, and suddenly she was inside, seeing nothing, tasting nothing. Yet she was unafraid. Rather, a strange confidence surrounded her. Barely had she noticed this before a familiar voice sounded.

"Come find me, Nera. You know where to look. By the fountain of the gods, I will be waiting. You know what I offer. Come find me. Come..."


Nera awoke with a start. She was sweating as though she had been working hard. But she was filled with a strong resolve. The message in the dream had obviously been from the stone; she would never forget that voice. How it managed to contact her, she did not know, but she fully intended to find out. She dressed quickly and headed to the best place for information - the bar.


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