House of Hell

Part 1: Lost In Hell

It was a stormy winter day in Moscow, Russia. I was walking home from shcool talking to Gena and Chris, both of them were like me, thier families moved here from the states fro a better job. We were talking abiut a party on satruday in house near the Moscow county line, the so called house of hell. It was called that for many reasons, myths, legends, but one thing was for sure there, 500 people dissipeared in there leaving no trace and a compleatly blood drenched house with talbes, walls, and rooms destroted, only one person was left, he was insane, he thought he had seen demons, ghosts, all kind of things. No one knew what happened there, perfect place for a party.

We were wondering about the girl who invited us and why, we werent the most popular or loner or nerds, we were... avrege. but we wanted to go anway. Gina grew nervous as the days ticked by till saturday, chris thought it was judgemment day for him, but we all knew he was just an idiot. We went to the party late as hell, ironic because of the name. When we walked into the house everyone was having a good time, and chris was just being a perv asking every girl if they wanted to make out wiht him, Gina went straight to the dance floor and showed off for a while, me... went straight to hte buffe table... I wasnt fat at all, i was almost all bone you could say. the party went kool for a few hours, Gian got a dance partner, Chris got jack, and i got shrimp cocktail. All of a suuden, "DING,DING,DING" the clock on the wall had struck 6:06:06, Everyone just keept doing what they were doing but i looked at my waych and saw it was 6:06:06 too. But the wierd thing was, we got here at 7.

The floor began to rumble uncontrollalbly and the floor began to split as people began to fall into cracks in the floor. Then it all stopped, people were lookin for there friends, i found Gina and then Chris. Gena started freaking out, " What the hell is going on here!", She started to break down and cry while Chris was sitting there speechless. He turned pale an I looked to see what he was looking at, i wish i didnt. There was some freakishly deformed monster thing with a huge tenticale and a huge pody picking people up anf biting thier necks and throwing them to the floor. People scrambled in all directions as bodies flew one after another, peoples souls flew out of the bodies and i heard one last thing from chris before he ran to the door and was grabbed and, "HOLY HELL IM OUTTA HERE, SCREW YOU GUYS!". i heard her scream, igrabbed her by the arm and ran into the main hallway with crowds of people going in diffrent directions, We ran into a broom closet and stayed quiet till the "thing" passed by us. i wispered to Gina," be quiet for 1 more minute and then well make a break for the door. When we left the room it was dead quiet, we ran for the door. When we got there we saw a a ghostly cloud covering all hte doors and windows. We saw a older guy start bangingin on the door, "KACHINK" a white cloud flew rite through him and hes soul stood still while his lifeless bodie was lunged at us, a pair of weys to a Ford fell out of his pockets. Now we had a getta way car, but how to get to it. Continued in part 2: Mindless Machine.