House of hell

part 4: Cat and mouse

The evacuation was quick and unorganized. People were loading into cars and were leaving. I pulled out the Ford car keys and clikced the horn. Sure enough a ford's lights sprung to life. It was a ford focus, we got in and filled the car with 2 more people, Vj and an Jappensse kid named yuri. There was not muhc talking in the car because we knew the thing was out there, we drove for five minutes until we realized that the city was going to be under attack from the thing. We drove to the police station and started to tell them wht happened but it was no use, no one would believe us, all the kids from the party were here, all the ones alive at least. The door slammed shut and the power went off, " Holy hell, were screwed" screams started to fill the air the the light from the red escape sign showed the moster devour the police one by one as they shot at it. We trampled the door down and ran to the cars Gina, Vj, Yuri and i were going somewhere the moster couldnt find us, we drove for half an hour untile we were finall to the top of Hive hill, known for it's many bees. We rallyed with many of the kids there and waited watched as building by building the lights would go off, screams, gunfire police, silence, this went on for an hour until I got an mouse no had a new hand and it looked royal, It was time to take air. We drove to the airport and argued wiht the lady at the desk until she bought us 4 nonstop tickets to Paris, HEr dad wsa gonna be pissed, if he were still alive. Next is Part 5: Paris, city of lights romance and death.