After the Press Conference

I am so glad that's over now. Most of my questions were about my
duties as a Princess and how was I coping with Brad's death while
planning for a future of shuffling kids around all over the place and
how to also keep a marriage from falling apart that has not even
happened yet while expecting our first (two). I know that Dylan can
tell from the look on my face that I'm a) talking to myself in my head
and b) that I'm seriously thinking about who knows what. And I am
thinking about who knows what about. And how I'm trying no to show
Dylan just how tired I really am.
"Come on, I'll tell Corey that you are not coming to group sessions
this week and that you are in bed resting."
"Ok." I say as I yawn some more.
After Dylan puts me in bed and kisses me night I fall into a deep
slumber. The kind of slumber that I have not been able to get in
months, which I must say is very nice.
I start to dream about spending my life with Dylan and the two of us
watching the kids play out in the courtyard of palace and then going
back home to the states to find that everything is blossoming and
coming out from the dark and gloomy snow. But then I start to realize
that maybe just living in Ohio would be nicer than going to two
different houses each year. As I was dreaming it was winter in Ohio
and where we built the house there's always a ton of snow because
we're up by Lake Erie. I can see the Dylan teaching the girls how to
build a snowman, a snowball and even teaching them how to make snow
But then the girls woke me up.
"Oh Kelly, we're sorry. We didn't realize that you were asleep. At
sessions all Dylan said when we asked where you were was that you
weren't feeling up to it tonight," said Mia.
"It's ok. Because if I do go back to sleep now I will not be able to
do so later tonight. What are you all doing back here so early?"
"Kristina and Corey needed to talk to Dylan during sessions so they
let everyone else out a bit early. But how do you feel?" "I'm
starting to feel a little bit better but not much. I swear if the
doctor's said that they were going to induce labor I would be all for
it. But then the girls would have to be put in incubators."
"You're how far along now?"
"Six months, although it feels like ten months."
"I know what you mean," said Mia. "I was about five months when people
started to ask me how many days till I was due and I responded 'not
for another four months'. They were shocked."
"Oh, I know."
"So what is this now, Mom's Afternoon Coffee with The Kids group?"
asked Allison.
"No, but that would be nice, to talk to people with kids to get an
understanding on just how much pain I'm going to have to endure."
"Hey, no one told me what I was to expect when I was pregnant. But
then again my parents thought that I should endure as much pain as
possible so when I asked for drugs while in labor the nurse said that
my parents refuse to sign the papers. I wanted to kill them that
instant but I wasn't able to because I was in so much pain."
"Damn. Well, I just hope that the girls are healthy and that there
won't be any complications."
"That's good."
"Something was up with Dylan tonight at sessions that we couldn't tell
what was wrong. It was like all he wanted to do was just curl up and
cry but was holding everything inside. Do you know what's wrong
"Yeah I do. Today marks the fifth year that Dylan's real mother, Anita
has been deceased. That was the main reason the two of us got into
another fight was because he thought I had totally forgot what today
marked. Which I hadn't forgot one hundred percent but it did get
passed on to the back of my mind," said Kelly.
"Hey Kelly, I mean Princess. There's a package for you," said
"From who?"
"From some lawyer's office out of Los Angeles. Do you know what could
be in it? It is pretty thick."
"Yes, it could be a copy of Brad's Will, and also those letters he
mention in his last letter to me for the girls."
"Ok here you go."
And sure enough Kelly was right. But not only Brad's Will and all of
those letters, there was also Kurt's Will. This shocked Kelly because
as far as she knew, Kurt never did have a Will. Maybe he did it just
because he had a gut feeling that his time was drawing in closer than
he thought. Who knows. Kelly puts them away before Dylan sees them and
with the way he has been lately who knows just how he would react to
seeing them.
"What are they?" asked Kristen.
"Brad and Kurt's Wills, and also some letters that Brad wrote for the
girls each on their birthdays all the way up to when they turn thirty.
And then there is a note saying that the bracelets that he bought for
the girls and I are in my safety deposit box in Ohio."
"Wow! Oh, I'm sorry, I'm new here, arrived today. My name is Kristen,
and you are?"

"Princess Kelly Amelia Sirmapolis Mc Kay, but everyone here just
calls me Kelly."
"Wait a minute, what is a Princess doing here?"
"I had a nervous breakdown after seeing Brad, my brother, kill himself
by overdosing on prescription medication."
"Well gee Kelly, don't forget you have managed to score the hottest
guy here."
"Who's that?" asked Kristen eager to meet this guy.
"Kel you're up!" Dylan's shocked to see that she's up and was just
hoping to peel off his clothes, get into bed with his future wife and
talk to his daughters before falling off into a deep slumber, "Sorry
that I'm late sweetheart. Kristina and Corey needed to talk to me
regarding Diana and when she goes on trial. Hopefully we, meaning the
four of us, god do I love saying that, won't have to testify because
there seems to be more than plenty of evidence. And also it seems that
she goes on trial the week that our lives change permanently."
"Honey, you are going to have to be more specific about which event
will change our lives permanently. Either a) the day we become parents
OR b) when we become husband and wife."
"The answer would be: a) because we still haven't picked a date for
the wedding, remember?"
"Not really. These came today, you might want to take a look your name
is in them quite a bit."
"What are they?"
"Kurt and Brad's Wills."
"Oh. Could we look over these, another day? I don't think I could
really handle them on top of everything else that has happened."
"What, is something wrong with the house?"
"As a matter of fact yes. They are shutting down for winter.
Apparently it's a guarantee that they are to get up to 6 inches of
snow by Thursday. But they may continue because they have the exterior
walls including the garage, and the roof on. So they may still work on
installing the inside installation, the exterior is completely done,
except for window which they were installing today. So who really
knows what will be going on with our lovely house that sits on eight
acres that I just got done signing the papers on."
"Eight whole acres. Dylan what the hell are you and Kelly going to do
with that much acreage?" asked Mia.
"Well I thought in one spot a heated in-ground pool that will
eventually connect to the houses indoor patio and be indoors, with a
hot tub big enough for about ten to fifteen people. If that is okay
with you Kelly? Kelly! Kelly!"
"Don't you ever do that again to me. God you did that to me once and I
still have bad dreams about it."
"Sorry, I was just," Kelly yawns and then continues, "trying to go
back to sleep and I was almost there. Oh Kristen, I'm sorry. Kristen.
Dylan. Dylan, this is Kristen, she just arrived here today and is in
our group."
"Hi. I thought we weren't allowed to have guys in here?"
Dylan laughs, "That's true. But, Kelly and I are engaged wait
a minute I know I'm forgetting something." As soon as he said that
Kelly nods her head at Mia who then hits him with a pillow in the
stomach. "Oh yeah, Kelly and I are expecting our first, two."
"Ok but that still doesn't explain why you are here. In your boxers
and think that this is the only time your allowed to have any fun."
"First of all Miss Know It All, I happen to be six months pregnant
with twins and I'm also bedridden and or confined to a wheelchair due
to high blood pressure and please do not forget who your talking to. I
am a Princess and I will use my powers of Government against you."
"Kelly Amelia! I have never heard you EVER say that. Now, I'm sick of
this bickering. Besides it's not too smart of you trying to raise your
blood pressure sky high," says Dylan while taking her blood pressure
and like Dylan predicted. "And it is. Now, put these on and try to
"Do I have to?" Kelly whined because she hates when Dylan acts like
"Yes you do and stop whining or else I take you back to the hospital."
"I hate when you do that to me."
"You know I only do it because I love you," Dylan pauses and gets into
bed with Kelly, while rubbing lotion on her big stomach, "and because
I care deeply about our children. 'Who I love very much, oh yes I do.
Daddy loves the both of you very much. So does Mommy but I think you
already know that.'"
Kristen says to Mia, "Does he do that every night?"
"What do you mean by that?"
"I mean, talking to her stomach. Don't you think that is a bit
"Well, obviously you haven't had any kids. And yes he does do
that every night. It's become an every night thing. Tonight he just
talks about what ever is on his mind, and then tomorrow night it's a
bedtime story."
"But still, do you think it's a bit childish."
"Hell no! Where the hell do you think that you can just come in
here and..,"
"You know Kelly, if some how the doctors were wrong about having
girls and they are boys. With the way that they are always kicking I
wouldn't be surprised if we a set of football players in our hands."
"tell what you think and that everything you say is what goes.
Let me make one thing perfectly clear! If you DARE to steal Dylan away
from Kelly I will PERSONALLY, have my boyfriend who is also here, oh
and by the way you will see the two of us together so I hope you don't
get into a hissy-fit, beat the living shit out of you."
"What the hell is going on over there! Dylan, our kids will not be
playing football for a long while. They aren't even born yet and your
already planning what their profession is going to be. What next go
through Hospitals and checking out possible candidates for when and if
they decide if they get married?"
"Well, that has come across my mind once or twice."
"Nothing Kelly, just that new girl Kristen shooting off her
mouth thinking that what she says is the final word and that also
whatever comes out of her mouth is always politically correct and
never wrong." Said Jennifer who rarely speaks to anyone until she gets
to know him or her pretty well like she has to Kelly. "Oh, and she's
also thinking about going after you, Dylan. In more than just one way,
you know."
"I get the picture. And right now it is lights out time. Hey
KNOCK IT OFF - LIGHTS OUT TIME!" exclaimed Dylan. He turned over to
side, gave Kelly a very long, slow, passionate kiss with a dash of
tongue that was long overdue. "Goodnight my love, think sweet and
happy dreams if you can."
"Love you too, try to do the same." Said Kelly, then they kissed
one last time before closing their eyes.
I wonder what everyone else is doing right now. I so miss being around
all of them. I even miss the punch and door slamming fights that would
happen mainly every night because one of us would get caught either
coming in late from a date or even worse caught in the act of having a
romantic evening in bed. Luckily, Dylan and I never got caught in bed
together. We just did it in the boy's locker room before gym class and
also before and also after a home football game. I could not even
start to count just how many detentions and Saturday schools the two
of us got for having sex on school grounds at a school function.