My Reflection

I've had these dreams,
Of maybe running away,
Showing up at your door,
With nothing left to say,
Just mascara and the rain,
Pouring down my face.
You wouldn't say a word,
But take me in your embrace.

But I look in the mirror,
Where there is no rain,
Only pouring mascara,
Streaked with endless pain.
Alone with imperfection,
And running make up,
And the harsh backlash,
From an abrupt wake up.

I hate who I am,
Hate my reflection more.
And I have to turn away,
As my tears hit the floor.
Why was I given,
This body, this face?
Why is my reflection,
Such a disgrace?

Curled up on the ground,
Hug my knees to my chest.
Crying, why can't I be,
Beautiful like the rest?
But I pick myself up,
And brush the tears away.
Because it's only the end,
Of one more today.

I won't ever give up,
I won't ever give in,
No how matter how hard,
This world is to live in.
I'll be ready tomorrow,
For another solitary fight.
And I swear that someday,
I will get this life right.