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-When Dreams Come True -

"Hello." A tall slender girl picked up the phone as she tucked a strand of her long blonde hair behind her ears and out of her blue eyes. "Zire residence. Who's speaking?"

"GET OUT OF THERE! NOW!" An urgent voice yelled through the phone.

"W-wha- Wait a minute. Who the heck is this anyway?" She demanded.

"Tara! Get out! Now!" The voice commanded.

"Nasha?" She raised an eyebrow.

"Tara! Get out of there before it's too late!" Tara only studied her perfect nails and made no move to get out of her expensively furnished mansion.

"Look, if this is a joke, it's not working. I know all about that trick you and the other models played last Halloween on Macy." She answered as she wondered whether she should use the pearly pink or the sparkling blue nail polish later.

"Tara, I'm serious! Get out! Now!" Nasha insisted.

"Haha. Very funny. I'm not stupid, so you can stop telling me to get out of my own home. Is there anything else you want to tell me?" She was still studying her nails when she noticed the light was blinking. "Well?" She asked as she stared at the blinking light and noticed that the rest of the lights were blinking too.

"Please, Tara get out! Believe me it's not a joke! It's coming-" Static made Nasha impossible to understand.

"Hello? What's coming? Hello?" Tara can barely hear her as the static became even stronger. "Hello?" Suddenly the line went dead and so did the lights. It was totally dark. She placed the phone on the table. She had to call for the electric company; the problem was that the only phone unaffected by blackouts was the one in the hall downstairs. "Ugh. I hate these blackouts." She grumbled as she took an emergency flashlight with her.

The door creaked as she opened it into the dark hallway. "Stupid blackouts. Why can't the electric company be more responsible? Sheesh. This is the third time this month" She mumbled as she went down the grand staircase.

"Pretty girl all alone in a big old mansion" A soft voice interrupted her thoughts. She froze on the steps and listened some more. She knew the maids and the butler were on vacation, and no one was there except for her pet cat, Mincy. "No one there at all. What's she doing in a big old mansion? All alone. All alone." The voice sounded like a little girl singing. "Hello?" She called out. "Pretty girl all alone in a big old mansion. In a big dark mansion. No one there but her alone. No one at all. Mmmm." The song changed into a faint hum.

"Kid? Are you there?" Tara went down the steps slowly. "Hello?" She peered into a hallway. "Kid?" She asked unsure as she saw a ghost-like figure. It was a little girl all right, still humming that song she heard. The girl had dirty blonde hair tied in pigtails with old worn pink ribbons, green eyes and pale skin that seemed to glow a little under the moonlight. Her baby pink dress was dirty and tattered and torn in several places on the skirt, so were her shoes. She was also swinging something silver and shiny on the side that somehow made her feel in danger. But she shrugged it off.

"Kid, do you um, need help?" Tara moved away a little as the girl came closer with each step and hum. She gave her the creeps. The little girl didn't respond, but kept on humming, occasionally murmuring the words "all alone". Tara just stared at her awkwardly waiting for some kind of response besides that creepy song. When the girl was pretty close, she finally figured out why the shiny silver object the girl was swinging disturbed her: it was a knife, with blood stains.

It was the first time Tara ran very unladylike and ungraceful in her whole life, considering she was a model and never really did run. But no matter how fast or where she ran, the girl's taunting song seemed to come nearer and nearer sounding more threatening each time. Finally she ran into the marble ballroom and the humming didn't seem to follow her there. She exhaled and looked at the windows. "Yes, now I can escape that wretched girl." She was about to go out, when she realized that Mincy was still somewhere inside the house. "Damn cat." She mumbled and debated whether to search for the cat or save herself. She sighed and started looking for it in the room, since this is where Mincy usually naps. Finally she spotted a familiar ginger lump in a corner.

"There you are." She picked the cat up carefully, expecting it to open its eyes and object to being picked up like that. But it didn't object. It didn't even open its eyes. It didn't even breathe. All it did was let blood flow down its slashed open body.

Tara screamed as she dropped the dead cat. She backed away in horror and bumped into the wall, sliding down to the floor and huddling into a tight ball. But the sound of her weeping didn't last long, it was instead replaced by fear as she heard the dreaded song.

"Pretty girl in a big old mansion. What's she doing in a big old mansion? All alone. All alone" She stood up frantically, but in her hurry she kept on slipping on her high heels and falling back on the floor. "Pretty girl all alone in a big old mansion. In a big dark mansion. No one there but her alone. No one at all" She started searching in her pockets for anything that can be turned into a weapon as the voice became louder, closer. Then it stopped.

She looked up and her life ended with one hard stab through her heart. The last thing she saw was the little girl's cold green eyes. Cold green eyes.

Suddenly, Tara woke up in cold sweat. "I-it's just a dream. Just a dream." She calmed herself down as she stroked the purring Mincy beside her. "It's just a dream!" She chuckled and got out of bed as Mincy followed behind her. She was about to call for the maid to bring in her breakfast when she remembered that they were all out.

"Darn. I'll just have to make breakfast myself." She shrugged as she went down the grand staircase and froze in horror as she heard a very familiar song.

"Pretty girl in a big old mansion. What's she doing in a big old mansion? All alone. All alone."

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