My life was the life that any girl would dream of having. But it quickly changed. This is the story of my life. I hope you can learn something from it, but if not, it might entertain you. But believe me, this is not a very happy story, and it might not be entertaining or educational. For whatever reason, I want to tell you it.
I was relaxing and bed and reading with a few strawberries next to my bed. I had just come home from a ball for one of the court ladies. I had danced for hours. I was thinking of the people I had danced with. I had no special liking to any of them, I realized, they were all much too boastful and proud. Their lives seemed pointless. They simply competed against each other with who had the most money, popularity and so on. I was feeling simply disconnected from the world. I no longer belonged in my own country. Even being a princess, these people, I realized, were nothing to me. I was nothing to them. Reeda my maid was getting my room cleaned up and hanging up the dresses that scattered the floor when there was a quick knock at the door. It sounded like my messenger. Then a note slid under the door with my name on it. He never came in at night. Reeda handed it to me. I opened the seal, wiping my sticky fingers on a napkin next to me. The note was from my father telling me that tomorrow morning, we'd go riding together with his men and advisors. He signed it 'King Thoratus" with a flourish. At the bottom it said "your father" in very small letters. I smiled to myself. He gave me permission to invite my friend Mary. I was so happy! Getting to go anywhere with my father was a privilege since nowadays. Being a king, he never had time for me, his only daughter and heir to the throne. My father's advisors would be there. And of course his best men. I sent a letter for Mary and then turned out the light and went to sleep.
The next morning was cloudy and cold. I shivered as Reeda helped me into my clothes. Another maid brought in my breakfast. After Reeda was done with my dress, she brought in my new riding boots, all nice and shiny, and then brushed and plaited my waist-long hair into a single braid and tied it tightly at the end with a black, satin ribbon. Then I put on my leather riding gloves. When I was finally ready, I went down. Mary was waiting near the door to get to the stables.
"Finally you're ready" She said as we walked outside into the cold, biting air. I put my scarf to my face to block off the icy wind. It was very cold. The sky was a grayish-white and overcast. It seemed as if we hadn't seen the sun in days. I felt like crawling back into my warm bed. I saw one of the horse grooms in the stables getting the horses ready and waved. Then, Mary and I got out our horses. My father and his advisors and friends began assembling at the beginning of the trail. Two of my older ladies-in-waiting helped me on my horse. Mary led the horses to the trail. Then got on to her horse. All the men bowed their heads when they saw us. When I saw Alex, my heart began to beat quickly. He looked at me and smiled slightly. "Good morning daughter, and Lady Mary" My father said, while his men controlled his wild horse, the fastest in the kingdom. "Good morning your majesty" Mary said curtsying. I nodded to him. We started our ride. My father and his men rode a bit ahead of us, and Mary and I rode side by side, talking. Then, we decided to eavesdrop. They were talking about the dark lord's increasing power and what they were going to do. The talk was very depressing so Mary and I rode quickly ahead put my horse to a quick trot. We stopped for a picnic lunch of hot bread and cider that was brought to us. Then, Mary rode home, she had some relatives to call on. So I rode with the men. They were completely ignoring me. So I moved off the path and into the fields. Then, sped up my horse and felt the wind blow my hair. I heard hoof beats behind me. It was Alex. I slowed down.
"Would you be kind enough to race me?" He shouted out of breath. "Of course" I yelled back. We raced over the fields. Just him and me, my father was nowhere in sight. I thought briefly of how he would lecture about proper behavior when I got home. He expected me to be like the court ladies. All they do is sit all day whether it's talking, reading, or sewing. Reading is the only thing I enjoy. The gossip of the ladies bores me and sewing is the most frustrating thing for me. I can't even stitch properly. I like to be a little wild sometimes, do something different. I am strong enough to lift a sword and I can shoot with a bow and arrow pretty well, which would probably shock the ladies. I am told my mother was like me, very free spirited. If only my father would let me enjoy myself more.