Oh, how I love school so darn muchI love the homework and the school lunch,The teachers are great, they teach real wellThe quizzes and tests are so darn swell,I really feel that I could exel moreIf people didn't say that school is a bore,Because I think it's not, It's really great,It gives me an excuse to study real late,What's that you say? School is out for the day?Oh! then here is what I really think:I hate school as much as I hate their lunches,I hate the way snobs hang around in bunches,There is too much homework and too many tests,Why can't teachers give it a rest?Why do we have to change for gym?What kind of world are we living in?Who's the stupid freak who started schools,There's just too many projects and too many rules,And who in the world invented the SOL test?Why do people think that that's the best?I bet if you sit and really think,And you'll realize how much school really stinks.