Warnings: Slash, violence, blood, gangs, assassins, ect. If any more come up then I'll announce them during that chapter.

Notice: The world that the characters are in is like Trigun. (an anime show) It has cobbled streets and old medieval looking houses and towns but with electricity and plumbing. There are demons and magic in this word as well. Also! They talk in medieval type accents! I know it looks like pirate talk, but I honestly didn't mean for it to come out that way!

Chapter 1


A dark and shadow enshrouded figure walked wobbly down the cobbled streets and covered his glowing red eyes as he came under a street light and was engulfed in the artificial sunlight. He was wearing short tattered blue jeans that were both cut off at the knees and a long trench coat that blew and whipped around him as the wind howled into the darkened night. He glanced up into the star strung sky and stared blankly as a shooting star shot by. His mind was blank and if it could be seen it would be shown as static on a television screen. He had no knowledge of where he came from, how he got here, or what his name was. He was nothing, he knew of nothing.

A large noise caught his attention and he looked over to see a large man throw a couple of boys out of the bar and yell at them as they landed on their asses. The boys grumbled, flicked him off, and walked off together complaining about old men not letting them have any fun. The older of the two leaned over and kissed the others cheek as he wrapped an arm around the other boys waist. The figure lost interest in the two boys and turned his attention to the bar they had exited. He stared at it for a moment before walking out from under the streetlamp and over to the brightly lit up bar that spread light across the street and buildings surrounding it.

He passed by some other people that were leaving the bar and didn't even notice the shocked and fearful looks they were giving as they noticed his blood red eyes and tattered clothing. He walked right past the bouncer and went over to the bar and sat down on one of the stools away from the others. He looked up and around as the bar seemed to go quiet with his presence. He stared blankly at them and they slowly averted their eyes from him before the whispering began. They called him a demon, a devil, and he could hear everything they said, even from across the room. He turned back around and stared at the bar table in front of him, into the amber liquid that covered the hardwood pine. It fizzed and foamed before him, then was gone as the bartender mopped it up with his rag. The bartender looked at him while drying his hands and glanced up as a man appeared behind him. The man slammed his hand on the table beside him and leaned over to look at him. He looked back blankly as the man began to talk in a drunken slur. "Yer the Devil." The man seemed to become enraged at his lack of response and raised his hand to hit him but was found thrown across the room and embedded in the wall before his hand could fall. The figure stood there, fangs bared and eyes glowing brightly as he growled at the fallen man. The bar once again went silent as the guests all stared at him in shock and fear.

He stared at where the man lay across the room apathetically while he silently wondered to himself how he had gotten there. He looked up at the people around him and let his mind wander back to the static state it had been before and then calmly walked passed the people and out of the bar. He looked back and forth uncertainly then turned to the right and continued on down the street. The figure observed the buildings he passed, the foreign bricks and plywood having no effect on his clouded mind and he heard soft sets of footfalls falling on the pavement behind him. He kept on walking, unconcerned by his danger and stopped quietly as the wind whipped his coat against him. He turned around silently and watched as grins enlightened the mens faces as they brandished pipes and daggers, chuckling as though they could beat him.

They began their attack and stepped foreword and he watched their grinning faces before an object rolled in front of them with a 'clang'. They looked down, seemingly in slow motion, and then their eyes went wide before the object exploded in a mass of smoke and fire in front of them, engulfing them in its flames. The man watched confusedly and before he could comprehend what had happened, a figure ran out of the alleyway to the left of him, crashed into him, and grabbed his waist as he dragged him into the alleyway on the other side of the street. The new figure clamped its hand over his mouth and spoke with a strange accent he had never heard before. "Do not speak. My name is Marus, I've decided to help you but you must come with me. Do you understand, lad?" He nodded against Marus's hand and decided to follow him without good reason. "Good lad." He whistled and a rope fell down from above the building Marus had him pressed against and he grabbed ahold of it and let his recuee go, wrapping it around his hand and tugging on it before the person above began to pull him up.

Once he got on the roof he looked over and threw the rope back down for the other to grab ahold of. They worked together to pull him up and grabbed ahold of his trench coat as they pulled him over. The an looked at Marus and the new person contemplatingly before his recuer responded to his look of mystery. "This is Reiq." (A.N: Pronounced Reh-eek) The man gestured to nodded coldly and gathered the rope they had used without bothering to greet the new-comer. He quickly gathered his things and looked at Marus as if to say 'What the hell are you waiting for?' then moved over to the ledge and looked over and around before stepping back and jumping over the six foot distance to the next roof-top. He and Marus followed after, moving quickly threw the city.

They reached the edge of the town quickly threw their rooftop get away and the man noticed that Marus seemed to be impressed with the way he effortlessly jumped the distances between the buildings. They jumped down off the last building in their path and ran off in a direction away from the city. The sand and change of terrain had no effect on the figure as he ran along with the new people he had no reason to follow. They stopped after a short distance and looked behind them. No one was following so they turned their attention back to him. "What's your name, lad?" He looked blankly at Marus as though his question had no meaning and shrugged in response. "Dun remember, eh? All right then, For now we'll call ye Demon," Reiq seemed to glare at him as he put his hands on his hips in annoyance. "Alright Reiq, let 'im in." He glanced at him untrustingly before chanting in a language that seemed familiar to Demon. He tried to focus on this memory but it slipped threw his grasp and disappeared. Reiq finished his chant and light flashed in front of him before a space as big as a door appeared before him out of the flash. Reiq stepped in and disappeared beyond the light, Marus went after him and gestured for Demon to follow. They stepped threw and he was greeted by the sight of carts and wagons along with people and horses, all gathered together. There was eight people there including the two he had met and they were all gathered around eachother staring at him. Marus slapped a hand on his shoulder and grinned at him. "Welcome to the tavern of Lost Dreams, laddy."


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