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"Brendan – where on earth are you going at this hour?" My mom demanded as I slipped on my coat.

"To Chela's and Kelsey's, sounded like an emergency." I stated and quickly left my house.

To be quite honest, I had no idea why I was traipsing over to Chela's house at one in the morning. Kevin had said-to put it in his own words-that Chela had "finally gone off the deep end", but knowing Kevin, I wasn't sure if that was exactly the case.

Nevertheless, I was becoming slightly worried. They wouldn't have called me at eleven at night if it wasn't important, right?

I was obviously a little more worried that I had led myself to believe, because I got to Chela and Kelsey's house in a record thirty seconds. I didn't even have time to get all the way up the stairs before Kelsey had thrown the door open and pulled me in.

"Brendan, I don't know what to do. She's been out for almost two hours and she won't wake up. She's still breathing and everything but she's icy cold. I don't know what to do," she continued to babble on hysterically and I put my hands on her shoulders.

"Slow down, Kes," I soothed, "What are you talking about?"

"She came back and she was just—different, something clicked. She started yelling and crying and Daniel, and oh Brendan, I don't know what to do."

By now she had tears streaming down her cheeks and she grabbed my arm tightly, "She's upstairs,"

I followed closely behind her up the stairs, but when I approached Chela's door, Kes seemed to recoil.

"You go in, Robbie's already there." She watched me with watery eyes, waiting for me to open the door.

I cautiously turned the knob and let myself in, not quite knowing what to expect. Kelsey hadn't been much help; she'd only gotten me worked up.

Robbie was kneeling on the floor, and didn't look up when I entered the room, nor when I softly shut the door behind me. His focus was on a very pale girl buried under about five blankets. With closer inspection, I discovered that it was Chela. She was paler than anyone I had ever seen in my life (not including Pat).

I tried to ask Rotang what was going on, but my mouth couldn't form the words so I just went and sat tenderly on the edge of her bed.

Robbie was gently stroking the bad of her hand with his thumb, his eyes never leaving her—what I suddenly noticed to be—tear stained face.

I swallowed hard to get moisture back into my mouth, "What—"

"I don't know." He said, cutting me off before I could get two words out, "She just collapsed. Kes is freaking out, but Kevin says she'll be ok by morning. I know he's right, I just . . ." he trailed off and squeezed her hand. He finally looked at me, "She's really damn pale, Brendan. It's scary."

"I'm sure she's gonna be ok, Rotang." I offered, trying not to betray how worried I had become. He was right, people weren't supposed to look like that.

He nodded slowly, "But feel her hands Brendan," he said as he removed his. I leaned over and set mine over hers for a split second and quickly recoiled.

"Damn," I muttered and looked at her face, and back to him. They were really damn cold, "What are we gonna do?"

He shrugged hopelessly, "I was thinking . . ."

I raised my brows, "What?"

"I don't know how big of a deal we want to make out of this. I mean, she could be better by tomorrow morning, but . . ." he trailed off again and looked over to me. "Maybe we should call Ryan?"

Thirty minutes later Ryan was pacing around in her room, while Robbie and I stayed in our previous positions. I was still wondering what was going on in Robbie's mind, what could possibly possess him to call Ryan over?

Whatever the reason, we now had to deal with his mumblings and quick steps across the room. Kelsey was still downstairs with Kevin, and Chela was still out cold. We went on like that for another hour, Ryan pacing, Robbie kneeling, and myself sitting, all three of us in silence.

"Maybe we should just go to sleep and see what happens in the morning," Ryan finally suggested.

I nodded slowly and looked over to Robbie who was already straightening up.

"I'll go find some extra pillows and stuff," I volunteered, standing up as well, and left the two alone.

Ryan watched Brendan stagger out of the room and turned his gaze over to Robbie for the first time that night, "Is she really gonna be ok, Rotang?"

Robbie nodded slowly, watching her chest rise up and down, "I hope so."

Ryan watched her also for a few moments and took in a deep breath, "Hey, Robbie?"

Robbie looked up, "Yeah?"

"Why'd you call?"

Rotang looked back down at his girlfriend and shrugged. There was silence until Brendan came back in, throwing a pillow and a blanket at Ryan, keeping the same for himself.

Robbie looked at Brendan expectantly, "Where's mine?"

The other too stared at him, "I assumed you were taking the bed . . ." Brendan stated, raising a brow.

Robbie bit his lip, "I didn't think it would be a good idea,"

"Go on Rotang, it'll be better if she doesn't wake up alone."

He looked over at Ryan and nodded, softly crawling into the bed beside Chela, making sure not to disturb her. The other two also made their beds as silently as possible, even though all three knew that it wouldn't have mattered anyways.