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Kevin goggled at me, "You gave her a stick and she asked you out?"

Kelsey giggled at him and Ryan shook his head in bemusement, "Only you could get away with that, B."

We sat on my porch steps, completely bored out of our minds. Yesterday Heather had asked me out, and the date was approaching with frightening speed.

"So where are you two going again?" Kevin asked, flicking Ryan in the head absently.

Ryan retaliated by smacking Kevin over the head and I sighed, ignoring the two. "Somewhere," I said simply.

Kelsey was listening avidly enough and she grabbed Kevin away from Ryan, "Be quiet you two," she scowled and turned back to me.

I chuckled at how alike she and Chela could be sometimes and then went on, "Maybe a movie, I'm not sure. I have Chela doing my dirty work for now,"

"You have her doing your laundry?" Ryan asked aghast.

I rolled my eyes at him, "No, she's down there now talking to her, stupid."

"Alone?" Kevin asked skeptically.

"Yes alone Carlson, why would anyone else be with her?" I sighed.

"Well aren't Kyle and his buddies still patrolling that place?" Ryan asked quickly.

"Turner," I groaned, "With Chela's temper and Heather's stick, what's there to fear?"


Chela laughed, "Yeah, Brendan's weird like that . . . oh great," her smile fell and she sighed.

"What?" Heather asked quickly, following her stare. Heather groaned as she saw Kyle and his friends walking down the sidewalk again. Couldn't she escape these guys?

"What do we do?" Heather whispered, looking to Chela.

Chela grinned oddly, "Where's your stick?"

Heather laughed nerviously and remembered Brendan's note. She looked over to the store she know knew as his mother's, and pointed to it.

"Should we go in there?"

Chela followed her finger and nodded, "Good idea, we just have to make it past . . . perfect." She said, her voice lowering down to a whisper.

"Well good afternoon, Ladies," Kyle said with a sly grin.

"Hi Kyle," Chela said taking Heather by the arm, "Now if you will excuse us - " she began, attempting to walk away.

His arm was instantly infront of her, "Running off again, eh?" He asked and a few of the guys behind him chuckled.

Heather could tell Chela was trying to be calm, but when she looked to his arm and back up to him, Heather knew she was nearing her breaking point.

"Just let us go Kyle, we're both taken, go find someone else to bother." She said, her voice shaking slightly.

"Now why would I do that?" He asked bringing his face closer to hers.

Heather took this time to study the other guys. There must have been at least five or so behind him, all with the same build and sorts. Once again, not the type of people she would normally make angry.

"Listen to me Kyle," Chela said angrily, "I don't care how many years of football you've had, I'm not afraid to take you. Now put your arm down now before I rid you of that so-called dignity you have."

Heather raised her eyebrows helplessly, what the hell was Chela doing? There was no way she could take him!

Kyle only kept his stupid grin and in an instant, Chela had shoved his hand down, kicked him in the stomach, and grabbed Heather's arm. She dragged her across the street looking both ways.

"Kyle won't go too far, but you never know. He's pissed now so we'll have to get away quick," Chela said in one breath as she dragged Heather along in a brisk pace.

Heather looked behind them at the other side where Kyle was straightening up, and looking really mad.

"Are you sure you should have done that?" She asked uncertainly, seeing his friends point at them. Sure enough, they started after them, and Heather was certain they'd overtake her and Chela in an instant.

"Can you run?" Chela asked, looking both ways for some shelter.

"What - " Heather began but Chela shot across the street.

"Come on, Robbie and Micheal are in here!" She cried to her going in a music shop.

Heather followed her quickly, already mentaling writing her will as she crossed the street. I'll leave my room to my mom, and my drawings to my dad. I'll give Brendan back his stick and . . .

Before she knew it she was inside the store, but by no means safe. Chela looked out the windows and shoved her forward, "I hope those two are still here," she murmured to herself as she lead Heather to the back.

"What if they're not?" Heather asked fearfully.

"We'll go out the back and hightail it to Brendan's." Chela said simply.

Heather sighed, that was really comforting.

"Yes, there they are!" Chela cried and ran to Robbie, wrapping her arms around him.

"Robbie Robbie!" She said quickly, "Kyle's after us!"

Robbie wiped the stunned look off his face and looked at her and then to Heather. "Just Kyle?"

"All of them," Chela corrected.

"Why?" He asked, looking soley at Chela as though he already knew the answer.

"I kicked him in the stomach. . . It was self defense!" Chela insisted and Robbie sighed.

"So what am I supposed to do?"

"Save us!" Chela exclaimed, tightening her hold on him.

He laughed slightly, "Alrighty then. Carney! Come with me," he said getting free out of Chela's arms.

Heather watched him and the other guy walk away. She still hadn't learned any names and was slightly confused. That was alright though, as long as they got Kyle off her back.

"Are you sure they can take him on?" She asked Chela unsurely.

Chela followed them with intrest, "We can help if all else fails,"

Heather stood where she was and let out a snort of surprise, "What!" She cried, following Chela quickly.

They both stopped short when Kyle entered the store, his friends stayed outside and looked threatening. The other guy, Heather still couldn't remember his name, looked back to Chela with a 'What did you do' look and she grinned.

"Stay strong brother Carney," she hissed and glared at Kyle.

Kyle didn't miss it and took a step in her direction. Heather looked over to her, scared out of her wits, but she stared him down. She was dead!

Robbie put a hand on Kyle's shoulder, "Now why don't you leave them alone?" He asked.

Kyle grunted and jerked his shoulder away, attempting to hit Robbie. He ducked with ease, "Now my girlfriend says she kicked you," Robbie began.

"That little bitch is yours?" Kyle sneered.

Heather gasped when Robbie punched him in the stomach and then right across the jaw. Chela waved a fist in the air, "Yeah!" She exclaimed. Heather bit her lip and looked to the windows, worried that his friends were going to come in, only to find . . . Carney? Holding the door shut with all his might.

By this time Kyle had retailated and Robbie had taken a blow to the jaw too. Heather gripped Chela's arm so she wouldn't jump in like Heather already knew she would.

Robbie hit Kyle across the jaw again and looked to Carney. "Do not let go of that door until I tell you," he instructed and looked to the two girls.

"Out the back, now." He instructed and they quickly obeyed.

Robbie followed them and when they were almost out the door he yelled to Carney. "Let it go Carney, and run!"

Five seconds later, Carney came running towards them as though death himself was chasing him.

"Come on! Out out!" He cried pushing past them.

Chela grabbed Heather's arm to keep her at a good pace, "Do you, normally . . get in this much trouble?" Heather asked breathlessly as they got back on the sidewalk.

Chela threw a smile at her, "Only on Tuesday's."

Heather shook her head but kept going. No one slowed down until they were a safe distance away.

"Brendan's house is up here," Chela told Heather and looked to Carney, "Micheal, take her on ahead, ok?"

Heather looked at Micheal, er . . . Carney, whoever he was and followed him without any questions. She was eager to get as far away from Kyle and his friends as possible.


Chela watched Carney begin to talk to Heather and figured they'd make it to Brendan's alright. She drew her attention to her boyfriend who was breathing as heavily as she. His lip was bloddy, but besides that, he had come out of the fight rather unscaved.

"You ok?" she asked breathlessly.

He nodded, "I would of beaten him to a pulp too if Carney hadn't been the one to hold back his buddies. I can't believe that empty headed, self absorbed, meat head - "

She laid a hand on his shoulder silencing him, "Lord, Rotang, calm down," she grinned.

He took yet another deep breath and put his arm around her, "Just watch that tongue of yours next time, eh?"

"I'll try," she promised and they began walking to Brendan's. "I just hope that didn't scare Heather off," she mused.

"I doubt it," Robbie shrugged, "And even so, she's endebted to us now, so she has to stay."

Chela gave him a quick kiss on his cheek, "I can't wait to see what Brendan has to say about this," she said eagerly.