today is a normal day in lost land and nobody cares,

every day they just sit and say nothing to each other but when somebody comes into the room they just say eh.

they just sit there and stare at a blank wall but when they want to talk they can only say eh but they never want to talk and they never tried to talk so they don't.

all they do is sit and stare at the wall when a person comes near them they just sit down and don't notice anybody else.

all they can do is sit and look at the wall but what they don't seem to notice is that they are in the same insane room.

there are only 8 people in the room and ther don't care wiether there is 2 on each wall and they are all the same but they all think the other one is better and they don't notice there is only 4 walls so they switch walls each day and so the exact same each day.

so the next day is the exact same as today and today is the exact same as yesterday.

THE ENDS =) *-* ^-^ !