Title: Yoroshiku
Author: kawaii-kirei "KK"
Rating: G

Here's some words that would appear in the story. ^_^!

Honto - Really

Arigatou - Thank You

Nani - What

Yoroshiku - Nice to meet you


Riku Azuki, a 12-years-old girl with long black hair cascading down her back, walked through the halls of their school. The sun shined through the windows, and her violet orbs seemed dull and distant. And as expected, no one would notice. Everyone's too immature to notice these kind of stuffs. But to Riku's point of view, it's just their way of avoiding sorrow.

To others, it would seem selfish to want to get noticed, even just by a little bit. To people like Riku, it's human's way to live happily. She may be just 12, but she's matured emotionally and mentally.

The said girl sighed, It's not like before anymore, is it? We all have different paths now. And even though we may still seem as kids, they don't know what we're going through day by day. At least... they don't know what I'm going through.

Snapping herself out of her thoughts, she almost didn't manage to wave back to a long-time friend. Miyuki Karume. Yes, her. She and Riku have been best friends since Nursery, until last year. They were still friends, but not enough to make Riku happy.

She's not really jealous. She just misses her friend. Strange, though. In all of her friends in her life, the only one she missed the most is her. She missed how she and Miyuki used to spend all day on the telephone, have sleepovers and chit-chats in almost everywhere.

But now, it's different. Miyuki is great at dancing, making people laugh, DDR, DDM and has a great voice. Riku envies her for that. But if Riku ever said that to people, they'd think of how Riku can be jealous of Miyuki, when Riku is smart, emotionally strong, great at writing, has a large vocabulary, and is considered as cool in their class, since she can get along with any boys or girls.

Riku almost whimpered at that. But there was no way she was gonna cry now. She haven't cried in one and a half year, and she's not gonna stop now. She wants to be strong. But... They don't know anything at all. I get along with anyone because I'm observant at first so I'm good with their feelings and emotions. That's just all I can do at the time. But it's weird... I can get along with anyone, can't I? Anyone but Miyuki. Anyone but her.

She turned a corner and almost bumped into a person. Opening her eyes, she saw her friend. "Miyuki-san?" Yes. -san. Not -chan, not Miyuki, but Miyuki-san. That's because the world changes.

"Oh, Riku!" Miyuki waved at her and flashed a smile. Miyuki has mid-back light blue hair, her bangs and hair separated by a dark blue hair band, and her cerulean eyes shone brightly.

Riku would've wished time to stop, but she didn't want to be selfish at all. "I thought that you were going to the classroom." She managed to cover a sad smile with a sheepish grin,

Another one of Miyuki's new friends, Churi, spoke. "We wanted to get some books in the library for the book report in English. We just remembered it now. Though we still haven't found a book yet..." She sighed exasperatedly,

That's when Miyuki noticed the three books under Riku's arm. "Are you reading anything?"

"Yeah. I got a little interested in these books so I borrowed them for a bit." Riku flashed a grin, "Wanna read 'em? They're in the English list, and they're pretty wicked. I'm already done reading all of these and I don't have to return it until next week, anyway."

"Honto?!" Churi beamed, "That's great! Arigato, Riku-san!"

"Don't worry 'bout it." Riku waved her hand, indicating that it's nothing. She gave them the books and left with simple waves. See? Even Churi is more with her.

Riku felt her vision blur and she leaned on the wall for support, What I wouldn't give to just go back in the past. Childish, huh? Then she fainted.

Eyes opened to reveal purple irises on a white background. Holy crap, my head is burning! She scowled and tried banging her head on the wall. Well, it worked once. Just as she was about to hit the wall for the third time, hands found it's way to her shoulders and stopped her, laying her down back on the bed in the process.

Riku looked up, and saw Chikurii, their nurse. Though it's unknown how a school nurse can be just 15 though.

Chikurii smiled gently at her, "You've hit your head pretty hard when you fainted. I don't want to see blood again, alright? Besides, I paid good money for that wall." She laughed softly and patted her head, before going back to her desk.

Riku blinked. I... fainted? Why? Maybe just stress. She just shrugged and laid back down, closing her eyes at the same time. Liar, liar, pants on fire.

"What happened?" Churi went up to her as she passed the said girl, "Why's your head bandaged?"

"Fainted. Hit the wall hard. Clinic." Riku said simply,

"Why'd you faint, anyway?" Miyuki looked at her curiously,

"That's what I'd like to know." Riku sighed, sweat dropping. That's... what? Third, fourth time I've lied this morning? Bravo.

Riku sighed for the umpteenth time as she continued typing endlessly. Her eyes scanned over the monitor, and her fingers tapped the keys on the keyboard noisily.

From: "Riku Azuki"
To: "Miyuki Karume"

Subject: I'll probably be gone when you read this.

I can't help but think she's perfect. I'm good at many things, so is she, but I can't help but think she's perfect. It made me happy just to see her smiling, just to see her in the spotlight even though it wasn't me. You can say I'm jealous, but now that I think about it, I am jealous is a weird way. Even though I envy her, she's the friend that I admire. And even though we've drifted apart and she doesn't recognize me anymore, I can't help but think she's perfect. I can't help but think you're perfect.

Smiling a little sadly to herself, she hit send, shut down her computer and left the room.

2 weeks later, Computer Room, Miyuki's POV...

That's odd... Riku's been absent for the whole two weeks. I wonder what happened to her. I tried calling her but no answer. I gave up mostly. Sighing, I opened my e-mail. It's been... what? One month? Two months? Since I last checked my mail - what?! From Riku?

Nani?! It's the same date when Riku disappeared! Grabbing the mouse, I shakily opened the mail. What I read was unexpected as I ran out of the room, out the school, down the streets, in front of Riku's house, and in her room.

There's no Riku.

5 years later...

17-years-old Miyuki Karume laughed as her friend continued her story. It's been five years since Riku disappeared and still, no one has found her. The most common guess was that she's dead.

"Hm... Why did you think Riku left?"

The unexpected question took Miyuki by surprise, as she bit her lip. "I dunno."

Churi sighed, "I heard that her family died seven months before Riku's disappearance. It makes me laugh to know that I didn't even recognize it. Plus, Riku didn't show any signs of sadness at all when she goes to school. Perhaps she's apathetic?" She laughed softly,

It was then that they recognized the building crowd in the arcade. Churi looked at her with a beam, "Wanna check it out?"

Miyuki stood up, grabbed Churi's hand and dashed for the arcade, dragging Churi with her. "You already know the answer to that."

It took them a while to squeeze through the crowd, yelling back at the people who even dared to scold them, but finally, they got to the front. They saw that it was a girl playing the DDR on both sides of the platform.

"She's kinda good." Miyuki complimented,

"Nah, you're better." Churi patted her friend's back, laughing a bit.

"Stop reading my mind." Miyuki grinned at her,

Something clicked in Churi's head. She looked at Miyuki slowly, then gestured to the girl dancing. "She... looks familiar."

Miyuki raised an eyebrow, then looked back at the girl. "Come to think of it... you're right. But who?"

The girl had black hair that was separated in four long braids; two at one side, the other two braids at the other. Her chin-length bangs swayed with her body. She was wearing a short blue skirt, with blue pants underneath, and a red t-shirt.

The hair, the eyes and the style of clothes hit them like a ton of bricks. Riku...!

It was then that the crowd started cheering. "Hikaru! Hikaru! Hikaru!"

Their face fell. Churi turned to Miyuki with a disappointed sigh, "I want Riku back~!"

Miyuki turned around and started walking away, Churi behind her. "Let's go. And stop complaining. I'm sure we'll get Riku back."

Miyuki heaved a sigh as she plopped down on one of the seats at the store. It's been an hour since they last saw that girl - what was her name? Oh, right... Hikaru. - and after moments of walking, their stomach made them stop at the nearest pizza store.

Churi went to the bathroom shortly after ordering.

It was then that something cold was pushed against her face.

"Ack!" She fell back, and almost fell out of her chair. She held onto the table for support and took a closer look at the thing that gave her shock.

It was just a can of coke.

"Here. This goes well if you're stressed. It's on the house."

She looked up - and blinked. "Hikaru?"

Said girl just smiled and gave a peace sign, "Fake name: Hikaru Midorikawa. Real name: Riku Azuki. Yoroshiku."