Looks can be deceiving,
So why are they so important?

If personality is so important,
Then why don't people dig deeper?

If it's quality over quantity,
Then why do people always want more for less?

If people know that drugs can kill,
Then why do they still take them?

If everyone knows that that person has a problem,
Why doesn't anyone ever help that person?

If everybody is different,
Then why do we try to be like someone else, or try to be different when we
already are?

If the soul is where your feeling are,
Then why does it matter what others think about you?

If we all know that money is the root of all evil and hatred,
Then why do we want it so bad?

If people know that their conscious tells them what is right,
Why don't they listen to it?

If your past is just a shadow,
Why do you dwell in it?

Answer these questions to yourself and then think about what humanity means
today. It may surprise you.