A/N: This is a repost, since I thought it would be more appropriate to have it on Valentine's Day O_o

I walk not in blood

Only in spirt

My grace is always there

Can you feel it?

Like a wolf

I feed on the young

I look for the old

And I search for the lonely one

On top of cloud nine

Is where I'm fabled to live

I seek no rewards

I only want to give

Stories have preached about me

But you won't find me there

I stay just beyond your grasp

But I assure you, I care

I seek out the desolate

I help find love for the lost

I watch from your shoulder

My breath a tender frost

I come every year

With the rain and snow

And everytime the flowers bloom

I once more have to go

But I will be back next year

For on your heart I must prey

I seek not the blood, but happiness

I'm the Vampire of Valentine's day