This is a compilation of journal entries I did for my creative writing class, hope you like!

Day one:

Sleepy hollows beneath jade pools,

Skin of pale crème

And never-ending pain with sweet dreams

Silky blood atop sinews of malice

Painful chains taking hold

Midnight butterflies, golden dance

Atop sensual lights,

Mystic trance

Sleep now, insomniac one,

No more bloodshed,

In this home.

Day two:

See within me, you cannot,

Until that which was, is gone.

Bloody fingerprints across sands of time,

Sleepless nights, and day-less dreams

Chocolate sweet and ever tempting

Now is the time of the end.

Day three:

Let not my quiet despair be called insanity.

For it melts the ice covering my soul.

Crying out for blood, escaping meaningless reality.

Creating in my mind a fair hole

From which climb out demons

Whom in their very existence do create

The passion for vengeance and lust for bonds

That only true hate can demonstrate.

The raging silence tears desperately at nothing

As un-cried tears push vainly 'gainst my will

Fighting boldly, as anger begins rising

Threatening to boil over and kill

That which hath led me, which leads me still

And will continue on until revenge is fulfilled.

Day four:

One holds the time of past so dearly,

Consummated inside with the fire of revulsion.

Tales of elves and dragons dancing on nimble toes creates thoughts

And near speculations.

One cries tears of crystal inside,

Suspicion of mutiny by oneself

Never give in and never do what they say

Authority is buried, beneath murky waters along with one's childhood

Engulfed in ice.

One is devoid of emotions

The saviour of the hourglass

Sleeping with bloody handprints on the gritty sand

Dreaming of elephants in a different land,

Where tiny red petals dance on the wind.

Cold air tousles one's hair; salt eats one's eyes

Sleep and time inevitable, never understand the impossibility of possibility

Sleep and remember.

Day five:

Beloved stares down from obsidian orbs,

The fool's face pale in the dim moonlight of the sea.

Beloved knows the pain it causes, the blood placed in front of me.

The fool keeps mind, straightforward and sophisticated.

Beloved otherwise unknowing of my position.

The fool sighs in contemplation.

Beloved wants the satisfaction of completion

Knowing each other, and being of the same, the fool and beloved are one.