Walking alone the night sky deepens,
Orbs so black as to carry darkness' envy
Fingers clasped in silent prayer, pale skin aglow with streetlight.
Minions of darkness listen.
Roaring silence ringing in upturned ears.
Power emanating from forbidden source.
Gods face on the veil of tears, his touch a merciful grace.
Sleep and remember, last things said in sad parting.
Joyful waking upon never present sleeping.
Torturous screams, and the night's echoes.
Gossamer webs of sugar-laced lies,
Sweet words tripping from venomous lips
In muttering droughts deep and moving of
Bloody tantrums, delirious of imagination
Sleepy whispers on cherry blossom winds, with
Sunsets wavering on thin stilts
Water rippling in silent indifference.
Who now, says what they may?
A coherent thought sought for in
Unending words from
Lips of fool's queries.

~Author's Note:
Sometimes, you just have to let the words flow, and in doing so come up
with something like as to what I wrote above. I realize it is better to
some and as well not to others that I choose a topic and keep to it. I
like that method a great deal, but found that I needed to just write words
that perhaps to other people meant little, but to myself, meant a great
deal. Thank you for your time in reading this, for if you read this now,
that means you have read the you are one of those that read
from the bottom up. :P