Sex, Lies, And Highschool

By: Phat Models

Rating: PG-13 - M (Depends on the chapter)

Genre: Romance/Humour

Summary: She finally scored the hottest, most popular guy in school. The smart thing to do? Hang on to him with all her might. The stupidest move she could make? Fall for his best friend.

Prologue: Six New Bundles of Hell

"Omigod! You're never going to believe this!" Lisa Pierce exclaimed, jumping right in front of Alexia Summers and Tia Anderson, two of the most popular and pretty girls at West Side High. Lisa found them a little snobby, but put up with them…for her sake.

"What?" Tia remarked, looking down her nose at the red headed nuisance. Lisa knew not to talk to her. Whatever she had to say better be good. "You've decided to give up your role as class gossip?"

Lisa was known as 'Miss Information' because talking to her was like reading an information textbook on others lives. Only Lisa was wrong half the time and much too ridiculous the other.

Lisa snorted. "Hell no! But trust me, you'll want to hear this..."

"Yeah, because last time when you told us Mrs. Smith dyed her hair brown, it was such exciting hard-hitting news." Alexia sniped, flipping her honey blond hair over her shoulders.

The three girls were standing in the crowded halls of West Side High Secondary School with only minutes to spare before their first period classes begun.

"Actually," Lisa said, momentarily allowing herself to be drawn off track. "Mrs. Smith dyed her hair again. But it's red this time."

Alexia and Tia moaned and began to walk away.

"Wait!" Lisa called, desperate for their attention. "I'll get to the good news!"

Thus their hasty retreat continued.

Resisting the urge to run after them like the dog she was. "Its about B-O-Y-S!"

Alexia and Tia stopped dead in their tracks.

Lisa hid a grin as she caught up with them. She knew that little tidbit would get them, those two were boy crazy. And Alexia HAD a boyfriend! "When I was in the principal's office this morning I-"

"Why were you in the principal's office?" Tia questioned, cutting Lisa off.

Lisa blushed and looked down at the floor. "I was faking a head cold, where do you think I get my gossip? Anyway, I overheard Mr. Shalmer say we were getting new students. Six new students. All boys."

"Whoa." Tia was stunned. "Are they like six-tuplets?" She paused and her button nose wrinkled up. "Oh great, if one of them is ugly they all are."

Lisa shook her head. "No. It seems they were involved in some 'miss happening' at their old school and got expelled. Naturally West Side High being the cheapest school EVER is the only one that will enlist them."

Alexia snorted. "Not surprising."

One of the most common jokes between the students was about how poor and pathetic their school was, even though it was neither.

"So," Tia inquired, a look of great anticipation on her pretty face. "When do the boys arrive?"


By the time Tia entered her first period French class half the students were abuzz with excitement. The new students were the obvious reason why.

"I heard they killed a man." Rosie Deepen was saying to her friend Meg Tural.

Meg's eyes and mouth widened, making her look like a guppy. "I heard they stole five cars, and a Toyota."

Tia laughed inwardly. The way gossip got out of control never failed to amuse her. She turned to the girls with a superior sneer. "If they did that they would be in jail NOT West Side High."

The two girls glanced behind them, as though looking to see who Tia was talking to. By the time they realized she was indeed talking to them, she had already taken a seat with the bubbly brunette Jessie Woodrow.

Tia grinned. "Can you believe some of the rumors that are going around about these guys? I haven't even seen them and they're already the new campus studs. I bet the jocks are less than pleased."

Jessie fastened her hair in a quick, neat ponytail and giggled. "Oh I'll be more than pleased to cheer them up, all by my lonesome. But I get what you're saying. I heard they forced a girl to eat her own jacket."

Tia sighed and propped up her chin with the palm of her right hand. "That's gotta be a diet no-no. Although I am curious. I wonder if any of them are in our classes."

Jessie shrugged. "They're all in our grade. It's bound to happen."

Tia smiled. She couldn't wait to catch a glimpse of these mystery guys.

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