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(And here's the story.)
Why don't you call me? Are you afraid?

I, Mimi Tachikawa stared at my phone. Why didn't he call me? I had given him my number three months ago. I sighed with relief as the phone rang. "Hello?" "Mimi? It's Sora. I was wondering if you-" I hung up on her. Matt had to be afraid of calling me.

Your friends all told me, you think I'm all that.

I knew he liked me, Tai and some of his other friends told me. SO I waited everyday after school. I liked him too, and he couldn't see it. Why? Why? Why? WHY? WHY?

Well it don't make sense. It's just craziness.

It just didn't make sense, if he liked me, then why didn't he just come out and say it? I groaned as the phone rang, " I'm sorry Sora, I don't feel like talking, I'm waiting for a call.". "Oh...okay. Well, bye Mimi, see you tommorow at school." " Okay, Bye."

Ooh I need to know where we're at.

I pulled on my flannel pajamas, and climbed into my bed, wishing I knew if Matt was ever going to call me, or ask me out, or to the movies. I was so afraid of telling him how I felt, and yet, at the same time, I never wanted him to leave, because I felt that I would tell him one day, when all that surrounded me could not intimitate me.

Wondering why, you're acting this way baby. Wondering why, you can't find any words to say.

I wondered why Matt didn't talk, look, or even acknowledge my existence. He had never done this, he would at least say hi or something. I sighed as I knew he couldn't even say hey to me once in a while.

Maybe someone told you a lie, or maybe you're just being wondering why.

I sighed as I thought of all the possible reasons, maybe someone lied to him, or maybe he was simply being shy. I fell asleep with that.

The Next Day

Why when you see me? You pretend I'm not there.

The next morning, I passed Matt on my way to Health (Hellth) class. He seemed to look right through me. Why was I invisible to him? I just sighed and continued on.

But when I see your eyes, somehow you seem to care.

I looked back at him, and was surprised to see him staring at me, he seemed longing to stop and talk to me, but it looked as if something was holding him back, but he looked as if he cared.

Unbelieveable, inconceivable. Need to know if we're going anywhere.

All throught the rest of the day, I refused to pay anyattention to my classes, and focused on writing a note to Matt. It said-

Wondering why, you're acting this way. Wondering why you can't find any words to say. Maybe someone told you a lie. (A/N: Like Jun?) Or maybe you're just being shy. Keep wondering why.

I slipped the note into his locker and waited for him to get out of class. It seemed to take forever. Until, finally, he emerged from Algebra 2. When he found the note, he read it and looked around, bewildered. He shook his head, tore up the note and threw it away. I stood in shock across the hall.

Well it don't make sense, it's just craziness. Ooh I need to know where we're at.

I was screaming inside. 'WHAT?' I was confused, but... it just was senseless, crazy, insane. It couldn't be happening...unless.

Wondering why, you're acting this way. Wondering why you can't find any words to say. Maybe someone told you a lie. Or maybe you're just being shy. Keep wondering why.

I walked numbly over to him, "Matt?" He turned, "Yes Mimi?" I paused, "Well, that note, I wrote it. I'm sorry I did this to you. I should have never-" He stopped me by planting a kiss on my lips. I was totally and utterly speechless. "Mimi, I thought Jun wrote that note, I had no idea it was you. Now, how about a movie on Friday?" He said, smiling warmly. "Uh...sure...Why not?" I said, a smile creeping over my face.

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