" please wake up." Not thinking Im a murduer, I finished the sentence in my head. I had brought Rozaline and sat her on the love seat in the couch, I put a cold cloth on her head and waited for her to wake up. While Rozaline slept I thought of what I was going to tell her. ' sorry I actually hit a boy last night not a dog.' Yeah that will fly, right after she admitts me to the motel with padded walls! A moan brought me back to reality, my stomach beginning to feel the gravity of the situation.
" are you." Rozaline finally stirred on the couch behind me.
"Rozaline are you okay? You past out after you saw the."my voice of consern died out to confusion. What in Hades am I gonna do?
"Liz tell me I was dreaming." Her eyes looked at me with a terrified light and a worried glance. She sat up and almost got panicy when I didn't respond."Tell me I didn't see " she put her hands on my shoulders and dug her nails into my flesh. My silence answered her, I just looked into her eyes, showing her just how confused I truly was.
"Liz talk to me what are we gonna do? You have a dead boy in the trunk of your car?" she screamed straight to my face, frieghtened by her own voice amongst the silence.
"I don't have a clue, should we bury it? Or just get rid of the whole car?" my voice shaking , about to lose its volume all together. Maybe I should ask Mama? She would know what to do. Yeah Mama always knows what to do to.
Standing up I grabbed Rozalines hand, my keys still clutched in my hand and slowly walked out to the car. Pulling Roz through the door I told her to get in.
"why where are we going with this body in the trunk?" she asked in confusion.
"Mamas, she'll know what to do. Always does."
"what if she calls the police?" she asked as I plopted into my bucket seat. I looked at her in shock, my own mother wouldn' she? I was going to lose my nerve. Shaking that last thought out I pulled out of the driveway of my innocent looking garage, of my innocent looking house, in my innocent little town.

"Mama? Its Lizzy and my collage buddy Rozaline. Mama?" I yell down the front hallway to find my mamas whereabouts. I walk into the kitchen to find it empty, the room where her chair is empty. Finally down the long back hallway I hear a faint coughing noise, coming from her bedroom. Rozaline stayed out in the kitchen to smoke on of her Marlboros, and let me venture on. I open my mamas door to find her curled up in a fetal postion, two thick afgan blankets are covering her small body. The room is so hot, as is the rest of the house, why is she sleeping with so many blankets?
"Mama?" I call to her, her curled up form jumps as if she didn't know I was there at all. "mama are you alright?" I see her head under the covers shake the answer, 'yes'. I sit on the bed facing her back, the creeking of the box spring cuts throught the hot air like a knife. " mama why are you sleeping like this?" I pull back the covers, to fine a terrible sight.
Since I had last seen her a few days ago her health has decreased tremedously. Her sparkly green eyes are sunk in, the light almost refuses to catch in them. Her face is a sickly yellow color and her lips are cracked painfully so. She looks at me and begins to say something but a cough erupts out of her tattered sounding throat instead.
" some water in a glass and bring it to me now please." I call to the kitchen. I help fluff the pillows so Mama can sit up in the bed. I open the drawer of her night stand to find her carmex and apply a thick layer upon her puckered lips. After I put the carmex away Rosaline walks in with the cold water. I hold it to my Mamas lips as she drinks it down like a horse run hard in one hundred degree weather.
The look on Rosalins face is what im feeling, but refuse to show. Shes shocked, confused and worried. No longer about the boy in my trunk. How did my mother gert so sick so fast? Rosaline gave me a questioning glance, I returned it and she left understanding that I needed time alone with my Mama.
"Mama how long have you been like this?"
" very long just not as bad." She answered calm as can be. " I don't know what it is, but ive had coughing fits at night for the past three years. Shortness of breath, chest pains you name it ive had one." She averted her eyes from mine.
"why hav.." she cut me short.
"Cuz if the lord wants me then he'll take me." She looked at me stubbornly. Mama never liked doctors or hosptials, not since her first expericences with the fight with daddy and all. Mama cleared her throat.
"Lizzy your over twenty years old now and you diserve to know," she shifted her position. " the family heritage. Now you probably wont believe me till it happens. But."
"what family heritage Mama? Why wont I believe it? And whats gonna happened?" Im begininng to think that her sanity is also going with her physical health. Mama you promised me you'd never do don't start losing grips with reality! Mama please any thing but that?
"now listen to me, my chest pains and coughing fist and all that have gotten worse really quick. So I have to tell you before I die."
"now Mama that's horse shit so "she cut my sentence short once again this time in a rage of cough and flem.
"no listen, it started on your fathers side. His great great great great ya that's right four greats anyway. His grand father times four started this weird pattern. It passes from each generation, male to female, then to male again. Only one chile inherits the gene though. He got it from his mother who got it by her father, who got it from his mother and so on. He obviously had to past on the gene, you being the only female."
"Mama what is this ' it' your talking about? I don't understand?" I am getting so over consumed by confusion and anxiety that I could stay in my own skin hardly. After another bad coughing fit, that included bloody gook Mama continued her story.
" where was I.? Oh yeah any way you inheritedt he gene from your father, and if you have a boy you will past it on to him. The gene, you wonder 'what is it?'. Well basically all those stories in horror books about werewolves and shapeshifters. Its true, your one of them. That's why your daddy lives out at that old hotel on the edge of town." Mama finished her sentence in the same tone as if she was discusing drapes.