DISCLAIMER; I do not own 'Law and Order' but the rest is my own imaganation, and terrible seplling:P

NOTE TO SELF: walking down the railroad tracks at 6:30 in the morning is a bad idea. MORNING DEW!

I had only walked about fifty paces down the tracks wheni slipped onto my butt from the tall grasses that were covered in fresh dew. "Wonderful," I bellowed," its only six something in the gosh darn morning and my butt is wet and dirty!" I turned my head to see how much damage had been done to my favorite pair of Levis. I wiped off the few moisst leaves and continued, mumbling to myself.
I kept walking till I saw the police tape. 'Look both ways before breaking the law.' I lifted the tape over top my head and kneeled down to look at the ground. A train hasn't seen this part of Toped in at least twenty years. Mama told me they were passenger trains, nothing else. The last passenger that got off at this stop was porbably in the nusering home on Second street.
The blood was washed away by the rain. I walked around bent close to the ground looking for anything. Coon prints were everywhere. I stood up to survey it from above when I finally found something worth finding. " That dog must have been huge, a coyote maybe." I put my hand down into a huge paw print. The print was almost as circular as my hand. The claws were right at the tips of my fingers, the thumb type one closer to the nuckle of my index. The palm of the paw print was as round as my palm and a little wider on the side.
"There's no way in hell, this has to be a joke or something?!" I laugh trying to calm myself down, but not really doing much of anything. I whipped out a small digital camera, aimed and snapped a close up. Next I pulled out two rulers that I had taped together in an L shape, layed it down besides the print and snapped another photo.
" Thank god for technology of the twenty first centry and for 'Law and Order' ."I whispered triumphantly to myself. With that under my belt I headed towards my car.