The Link

Taylor stared at the ground, crying. "Please," he pleaded. "Please don't say it."

"We think it was fast," the paramedic tried to console him.

"D-don't you fucking dare!" Taylor exploded at the paramedic. The paramedic recoiled. He was obviously new at this. "You get out of here!"

"She suffered from a heart attack," the paramedic continued, aware of the pain he was causing.

"Get out of my house," Taylor glared at the paramedic. "Leave!"

Taylor was nineteen years old and living with his girlfriend, Rebecca. Rebecca had a history of heart problems in her family, but that hadn't worried them much. Not until now. Rebecca had just dropped to the floor, clutching her arm and trying to breathe. She had been complaining about pressure on her chest and pain in her arm.

"LISTEN!" the paramedic blurted out. "Do you think I like doing this!? Please just listen and make my job a little bit easier." The paramedic's tone had lightened up on the last sentence. He was ashamed of how he had just exploded like that, he had no right to and he knew it, he hadn't lost anyone recently.

Taylor calmed down. "I'm sorry. Just." Taylor broke into tears again and collapsed back against the beige couch in the cluttered living room.

"She suffered from a heart attack. She was dead before the ambulance had even arrived Taylor. I'm sorry. As I had said before, we think it was fast."

Taylor tried to catch his breath, but it came in sobbing gasps. He was aware that he had slipped down to lay on the couch.

REBECCA. ARE YOU THERE? Taylor thought.

Rebecca and he had always shared a sort of mental link. No one had ever believed that it existed, but it did. Taylor called out, hoping for an answer that would never come.

It would never-


Taylor stopped sobbing. He stared at the ceiling. It couldn't be. It was just something he had thought to make it not true. To make Rebecca alive.

I DON'T BELIEVE YOU. He sent out and then slept without realizing it.

When he woke it was night and the paramedic had let himself out.


Taylor spun around, looking for whoever had said that. Then he recognized the voice.



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