February 17, 2004

a/n: btw, my other stories have not died. just currently on hiatus cos i'm brain dead. sorry.
balisong = butterfly knife [for those that do not know]

Nobody is Invincible

I ran the tip of my finger over the balisong's sharp blade slowly while a demonic grin formed. I took the balisong by the handle and slid the sharp blade along the wooden wall of the decrepit apartment. It brought pure satisfaction when I saw that the small action left a deep and jagged scar in the wall.

"Hey you! What are you doing there?" yelled a deep male voice. I turned around quickly barely able to contain my excitement and closed the balisong. The shadow in the corner of the room where I was standing covered up my figure perfectly.

"So you're Justin," I sneered without moving from my position at all. A flicker of fear showed in his eyes. "Don't be afraid. I won't hurt you."

"Stop stalling. Kill him already!" a voice in me said.

"No dear. Stalling induces uncertainty. Don't worry. Revenge will be taken," I replied in a patient tone.
"You a-ar-are…?" he asked with his voice shaking.

"Remember a girl you used to date named Stacey?"

"Ye-ye-yess," he stuttered.

"Good." I cackled. "Because I'm you're worst nightmare. See this?" I slid the balisong across the darken hallway floor.

"I-I-I gave that to her." I nodded slowly and stepped forward. The combat boots I wore gave a loud heavy sound each time I took a step. I picked up the balisong and stood in front of him. Justin was rooted in place in fear. I flipped the balisong opened gracefully so that the blade gleamed from the little light the hallway contained.

"I-I-I d-di-didn't do anything."

"Really?" I slowly asked. He nodded. "Wrong answer," I snarled and slipped behind him quickly holding him in a headlock leaving the blade of the balisong just barely a millimeter away from the flesh of his neck. His heart rate dramatically increased, beads of sweat formed, and he was shaking against my grip.

"You know…she loved you," I hissed, "but you abused her. You lied. You put on a front. You ran when she confronted you. You didn't face her. You ran. For that, you're bringing your own destruction." I shoved a knee into his back.

"I-I-I loved her too. I was too ashamed to face her..so I ra-"

"SHUT UP!" I growled.

"He really loved me. He loved me…" A tiny voice in me said.

"He did not," attempting to reassure her, "he's lying again. He lied to you once already. Why wouldn't he lie again to get out of this mess?"

"Because…because…I know," the voice firmly stated. I could feel my adrenaline slowly dissipate. The evil intention I had started to deteriorate. My grasp on Justin was weakening.

"NO! STAY ANGRY!" I cried to the voice. As my final attempt to finish what I intended to do, I made a quick wrist motion and successfully tore the skin. Seeing the blood slowly leak out brought pure satisfaction to my face before I completely changed to someone else.

I quickly crawled to Justin's side. "Baby, you there?" I whispered softly while caressing his face.


"Yeah. It's me" Seeing the blood spill out from his neck, it made my stomach churn. My forehead creased with worry, but I couldn't do anything about it. All I could do was stare in shock at the injury that flowed with blood.

"Babe," he choked out, "I'm a goner." "Nooo…" I sniffled out.

"Hehehe. See dear, I told you I would finish my job," sneered Dark. Ignoring Dark's taunting voice, I buried my face in Justin's chest letting my tears fall. I didn't know what to do, but see him slip away. I touch his face gently just feeling the last bit of warmth that was there. A puddle of blood had formed and his eyes closed bringing such heartache. I fell backwards sending a loud thud to my head, which made my vision blurred. I slowly dragged my dizzied self to Justin's bathroom. Hoisting myself up with the bathroom sink, I studied my complexion.

I saw pale skin with pink skin blemishes from acne that complemented my dark brown hair perfectly. Dark bags under my light brown eyes shined from the tears. I could faintly see the reflection of the "other" me named Dark standing next to me.

Dark had darker hair and darker skin, which was completely clear of any blemishes. Her eyes were round and innocent looking and her long flowing hair was tied in a ponytail. Her figure was bone-thin like mine except she was much more athletically built. Dark's attire contained a tight black spaghetti tank top with black cargo pants that hung low on her waist. To any outsider, she looked like an innocent and cute tomboy. As soon as her voice was heard, fear was induced immediately. Her voice gave such a tone that chills ran down your spine and your voice seemed to be choked. There was no other way to describe it.

Gazing at my reflection again, I threw a punch at the mirror shattering it. "Why did you kill him?" I growled at Dark in fury.

"Because you wanted me to," Dark bluntly stated without the least bit of sympathy.

"I did not," I denied.

"Yes, you did. At least before you wanted me to. And you know that once you let me out, I finish the job even if you change your mind because I don't stop until I'm completely disappeared from sight. You know that already," Dark explained with a grin of triumph on her face. I sighed in defeat and gazed at myself. I hated myself for getting angered so easily. Each time I'm angered, Dark takes over and completes my worst wish without hesitation. "Don't be a hater. You're me and I'm you. We're a part of ea-"

"SHUT UP! I am not. I am not…" I cried in denial. I didn't want to admit it. I didn't want to admit that this evil creature was my blood. I didn't want to admit that I couldn't escape and that the only way I could was to destroy myself. The shattered pieces of the mirror looked so tempting all of a sudden. I picked up a piece and slid it along my wrist. A thin fine line of blood formed. My lips curled up into a maniacal grin.

"OH, HELL NO. YOU CAN'T DO THAT!" screamed Dark, but no one could hear her only me.

"Don't worry, Dark. This will be painless. I promise," I replied in a sweet voice. "Just remember, you can't change. I hate you. You're within me. You can't complete my worst wish so I have to complete it," I calmly said. I took the sharpest shard of mirror I could find and placed it directly above my heart, and the last thing I heard was the loud echo of screams from within my head.