"So Simple, yet so Hard"

A life is a life
More important though is love
Love is so simple
It makes sense in our heads
Makes sense in our hearts
But words pale
To the ecstasy that is love
We all want to know love
And yet arguments arise as to
"What is right?"
The government is meant to be ran by decision
And not by bible
Yet the people still bicker ever onward
They say it is wrong
They really mean that the bible says it's wrong
Religion is all well and good
But why deny people love for being different
Diversity makes our culture grand
And denying one the right to love another
Because those two people are of the same sex
Is something of a communistic sense
The phrase "love is blind"
Speaks, not of whom you find and the way they are,
But rather,
Who tried to stop them from loving somebody
And how they overcame it.