"Why Do Cowards Speak the Loudest?"
I am a watcher and nothing more
A life of hardship is
What I have
What I see
What I cannot stop
I hate that I can see such pain
I'm powerless to stop it
I despise seeing peoples misery and grief
I'm unable to help
I sit before my computer
My television
My radio
And my newspaper
I watch the travesties of our nation flicker over the screen
I watch as we rip children from parental grasp
I listen as babies are orphaned by gun barrel
I read about the chaotic wars over nonsense
We become more archaic
More devious
And more ruthless with each person we harm
I speak my mind
I want to help
I scream out for all to stop and hear me out
But my voice is smothered
Smothered by so many cowards
Why do cowards speak the loudest?