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Joel squirmed in his seat with anticipation. Next period he was going to find out if he had been accepted on a trip to Egypt! And it wasn't just some joy ride with a bunch of his buddies. This was an all expense paid visit to the Valley of the Kings!

He sighed for the hundredth time waiting for the bell to ring and checked his watch again. Any minute now, he thought as he tapped his pencil on his desk. His math teacher droned on about some kind of formula, but knowing the cosine of a triangle wasn't going to help him in Egypt.

Finally, the sweet ring echoed through the large room and he jumped up, practically running to get out the door first. His short sandy-brown hair stood on end as he bounded down the stairs to Professer Morgan's room.

He had worked hard to even get into Professor Morgan's class, let alone go on an expedition with him. Three long years of stressing over tests, memorizing every god, learning every symbol. The Egyptian culture was his own, /no one/ knew it like he did.

Well, except for Professor Morgan.

Joel reached the door, only to find it locked. He groaned and jiggled the door knob a few times just to make sure. It was just like Professor Morgan to do this, he loved suspense.

About ten minutes later, everyone had gathered around the door, waiting quite impatiently for their professor to make an apperance.

"He's coming!" Kyle, a friend of Joel's, exclaimed and all the eager students stood out of the way. Each and every one of them were hoping to be accepted for this trip. Joel looked around him, there were at least fifty in his class.

Only five could take the trip, and those lucky few would see Tutankhamun's, Ramesses', even Imhotep's tomb! And just maybe, find one still hiding, untouched by tomb raiders nor the elements, perfectly preserved.

That was what Joel hoped for, he wanted to find a lost tomb.

Professor Morgan walked slowly, his hands lazily in his pockets, looking around at everyone rather condesendingly. The only sound that could be heard was the clicking of his shoes and the jingling of his keys.

He looked at Joel apprasingly as he unlocked the door, and with one swift movement, was inside, but no one else. Another student tried the door, only to find it locked once more. Everyone let out a nervous sigh as they continued wait.

Soon, the door opened and their professor stood in the doorway.

"The list is up," he said in his quiet, yet authoritative mannor, "All who were not chosen, you have the period off; Those who were, please take a seat in the front. May Shai bless you."

Joel was the first in the room, and the first to make his way up to the bulletin board. Five bold names were printed, but he only looked for one, Joel Stevens.

And with a yelp he took a seat in the front. Shai was the god of destiny, and thankfully he was on Joel's side today.

He waited, watching four more estatic people sit beside him. Many more of his friends gave him a supporting smile, but filed sadly out of the room.

Their professor leaned on his desk with his arms crossed, smiling at the five who remained.

"Well, David Comings, Samuel Higgins, Brittany Johnson, Amanda Nuch, and Joel Stevens. I'm proud to say that you all have qualified for this trip. I've chosen you all for your individual skills that will make all five of you work as one."

He walked up to Samuel, a tall boy with rather unfortunate red hair. "Samuel, you have impeccable documenting skills," he turned to a rather plump girl with curly brown hair, "Brittany, you know the language down there. Yes, you will make a fine archeaologist, but you've got to be able to speak with the locals."

"David," he continued, now speaking to a lankly, blonde haired boy, "You are extremely neat, not to mention patient. You need that when you're cleaning two thousand year old hieroglyphs with a paint brush the size of your pinky."

They all laughed slightly, "Amanada," Professor Morgan went on after they had silenced, "You've got a good mind, not much patience, you'll be the slave driver of the bunch." The blonde girl beamed at him and he finally turned to Joel.

"And we come to Joel Stevens," he said with a wry smile, "He'll be very important to this team," he said looking around, "For he can read hieroglyphs better than archeaologists twice his age. There's only one person I know of that can read just as well as him. Besides myself of course,"

And as if on cue, the door creaked open to reveal a girl with flowing black hair. She was rather beautiful in her own way, and one of the only people Joel couldn't stand. She was Ana, the professor's daughter.

"I give to you students, your sixth partner." Professor Morgan said proudly.

Joel supressed a groan and looked around his other four partners. The two girls looked happy to have another girl on the team. And the two boys, well, they just appeared to be pleased. He was the only one that remotely disliked Ana, and learning that she was going to be able to come without any work at all only deepened his hate.

"Come sit down, Anastasia," her father beckoned and she took a seat beside Amanda, looking just as excited as the rest.

Professor Morgan gazed at them for a moment with a knowing smile, "Yes, I think this arrangement will do nicely." He said to himself and then spoke to them, "I suggest that you get to know your partners as well as possible over the next two weeks. You will be stuck with them for a month.

"Learn what to expect. I want you to be able to finish each other's sentences by the time we arrive in Cairo. I want you each to know who will need extra help saddling up, or rationing water. This isn't going to be a fun break from school. You'll be risking your life out there. Take a good look at the people around you, they just might save your life."

The room was silent as they all looked around. Joel's gaze lingered on Ana as she watched her father with the utmost pride. He couldn't help but glare slightly at her, the one who had made it to Egypt by blood, not talent.

"All of you are dissmissed. Go call your parents, they won't be hearing from you for a long while." Professor Morgan said with a smile. "Oh, not you Joel," he said as Joel began to rise from his seat. "You too Anastasia,"

Joel looked to her quickly but she only gave him a cool stare. She obviously didn't like him anymore than he did her.

His professor sighed at them, "Come up here, both of you," he instructed as he walked around his desk and to his chalkboard. Without another glance, Joel got up and stood to the right of the chalkboard, Ana stood to the left.

Professor Morgan began to scribble familiar shapes in the middle of the board. Joel began instantly decoding it in his mind, and with one glance, knew Ana was doing the same. He set his chalk down and looked to them.

"Decipher it," he said simply.

They both grabbed a piece of chalk and began to write down the translation. Joel finished first and set down the chalk triumphantly. Ana finished seconds later and Professor Morgan shook his head.

"Both of you are wrong, now decipher it /together/,"

They both looked at each other with distaste, and inched their way back to the board to start again. Joel read over his again, he couldn't find anything wrong.

"You cannot work together when you don't talk!" His professor exclaimed, making them both jump and begin to read it aloud.

"Ra gave birth to Kheperi so that man may walk in light," Joel began, translating it again easily.

"Ra gave birth to Atum so that man may sleep in darkness," Ana continued. They looked to each other for a moment, and then to Professor Morgan who nodded.

"Go on, now read it together,"

They both sighed but read the last lines together, "Without Atum, crops would burn, and without Kheperi, crops would stay as seeds. Ra gave birth to them as brothers, they work with harmony."

Joel looked at Ana with a questioning look which she returned. They both had gotten it right both times.

"Very good!" Professor Morgan said encouragingly. "On this trip it is essential that you two do not work alone. I know that you two do not see eye to eye, but you must resolve that in these two weeks, or this trip will prove a very bad one indeed. You must understand that alone you both are some of the best in the business, and you aren't even out of college! But together, Ana, Joel, together you /are/ the best. Now, you are dismissed,"

Joel went back to get his things, Professor Morgan's speech leaving him thoughtful. He looked at Ana for a moment, she too was picking up her things and she caught his eye and smiled slightly. He found himself smiling back before he could help it.

Maybe he could resolve his dislike towards Ana. He followed her a few feet back as they left her room, and just as she left she let the heavy door slam shut in his face.

Joel clenched his fist and opened the door, leaving just in time to hear his Professor sigh. Ana was simply impossible, Joel had known this ever since she had called him "Wepwawet", or the Jackal-headed god, his freshman year of college.

There was no way they'd ever see eye to eye, not with she thinking she was the high and mighty princess just because she could decipher a few sentences. No, Joel had worked hard for this opportunity. There was no way Ana was going to one-up him because the professor was her father.

He'd show /little Ms. Ana/ how much better he was.