Did you know?
I was offered to flee from here
And leave all the friends
I thought were so dear
Did you know?
This Spanish Rose
Could have left so easily
And forgotten all her foes?
Did you know?
If I had the strength to part
I would have been given
A brand new start
Did you know?
I could be lying on the sand
With a couple of pesos
In the palm my hand
Did you know?
I was considered such a token
And I could have left everyone
Without a single word spoken
Did you know?
I could have thrown away this life
And probably become
Some Latino's wife
Did you know?
I was given such a chance
All I had to do
Was forget my romance
Did you know?
I could be looking at a beach
Along so many opportunities
Just within my reach
Did you know?
I had the chance to fly
And I broke my wings
So I can pass the offer by
Did you know?
Instead of fighting for my right
I could have been with my own kind
Striving closer to the light
Did you know?
I turned it down
Without a second thought
Or a single frown
Did you know?
I could have found myself as a whole
Dealing with others
That would help me toward my goal
Did you know?
I still ask myself why
The thought of it
Just makes me cry
Did you know?
I could have replaced all my pain
And discover a new world
With everything to gain
Did you know?
I don't know if it was for you
So don't feel special
I still have that offer, too.