A Shred of Hope

Prologue: Unending Darkness

A lone figure ran across the plains. She did not know where she was going, or what she was doing, she just ran. It had been a good plan at the beginning, but now it had turned out more dangerous than she had expected. She glanced over her shoulder to make sure that no one was following her and hugged the two year old in her arms even tighter. The woman now began to wonder if taking her niece and fleeing had been the right idea. She looked at the sleeping girl in her arms, when she got back she would be in a lot of trouble, when she got back.

She ran on as far and as fast as her legs would take her. She was nearing the coast, she could smell the sea. The sea would be the child's refuge, the sea would be the child's mother and father. Her niece would find comfort in the sea.

She slid into a village unnoticed and looked at the many ships. She wanted to send her niece to a free and prosperous country. Finally she found a ship that would take the child to Demari and there she hoped her niece would stay, until the time was right. She paid for the child's safe passage and whispered, "Goodbye Amira." With all that done she turned, walked away and never looked back.

The woman, Sadi, ran back to the royal palace, she ran as fast as she could. Her sister would not like what she did. Her thoughts dwelled on little Amira, on that ship going over the seas. She pushed her thoughts to the back of her head and kept on running, she ran as fast as she possibly could. It had taken her two days to reach the coast with her niece and in two days many things could have happened in the palace.

She reached the open palace gates and ran to the King and Queen's chambers. She hastily knocked on the door. When there was no answer she cautiously pushed the door open.

"Hayden, Sarai," She whispered, calling out her brother-in-law and sister's names. There was no answer.

"Hayden, Sarai," She said a little louder.

"Over here." A soft weak voice said. Sadi shut the door and followed the voice.

"Sadi," She went around the edge of the bed and saw her older sister lying on the floor, blood spilling out of her side.

"Sadi, where is my daughter?" Sarai asked.

"Amira is safe my dear sister. She is on a ship to Demari." Sadi answered. Her sister was slowly slipping into death.

"Where is the king?" Sadi asked. Sarai pointed to a corner in the room, and Sadi was able to see that the king was dead.

"Sadi?" Sadi focused her gaze back on her dying older sister. She clutched one of her already cold hands.

"What?" she asked softly.

"My time is almost up. As my last wish I ask you to stay loyal to our country no matter who is ruling. Amira will come back someday and you will be needed to help her retake the throne. Please marry into the new government. Keep yourself in high status. It is the only way Amira will be able to come back." Sarai whispered. Sadi nodded, tears threatened to spill from her eyes. Sarai smiled one last time and closed her eyes.

Sadi looked at her beloved sister and whispered, "I will do what you said, I will help Amira."

Silently she crossed her sisters arms and whispered, "Walk swiftly and do not tarry, the dead are waiting for you." She then whispered two magic marks and her sister's corpse erupted in flame. The only thing left was the necklace she had worn. Sadi carefully picked it up and stuck it in her pocket. She did the same to the king, and before she left the room she whispered a prayer.

"May you be her light when things go out. May you be her will to carry on. May you be her guardians. Watch over her." She wiped two tears off her face and slowly walked away. Of course she had been referring to Amira in the prayer.

The child that a woman had entrusted to a sailor before they left screamed. She had felt her parents passing even though she was miles from them. The sailor scooped her up. She looked at the child.

"Shh don't you cry. What is your name sweet child?" she asked. The little girl slowly stopped crying and sniffed.

"Amira." She answered. Being only two years old the only things she could say where her name, mother and father, and Auntie.

"Alright Amira, do you want to see the stars?" The woman asked calming the child somewhat. Amira nodded and the woman brought her to the top of the deck.

I'm back! Amira means princess in Arabic. I was looking for names on the internet. it's a good way to find them. There is your first bit of the story. Review please.