Calinax is a story written by my friend (Bhav_88) and I. We write when we feel like it, not pressing ourselves hard. While we don't get it done fast, we do enjoy it, so I think that compensates in part. This story is set during a turbulent war in a fictitious galaxy. Two giant factions push for dominance and victory, sweeping smaller, less violent races into the mix.

Enter the norkids, just such a small and non-violent race. These peaceful mammalian residents of Uiiq don't deserve the pestilence and war that has been thrust upon them, but if they don't learn to adapt, they may not survive for long. Their enemies are deadly, efficient, and violent.

We like to think that the universe this story takes place in is pretty vibrant and we hope you agree. If you want to learn more about the galaxy and its denizens, go to . There we have all sorts of information on the creatures we write about.

We have never written for anyone other than ourselves before, but we're trying to go a bit farther with Calinax. We'd appreciate any comments at all on our story. We want honest feedback.

We hope you enjoy it,

TiJiL and Bhav_88

(By the way, erks (about 1.5 seconds), erkans (3 minutes), erkas (15 minutes), erkers (90 minutes), and series (100 36-hour days) are all twassecc time measurements.)