What if I brought a gun today

With real bullets hid away

I have so many I want to kill

It will be easy, a practiced skill

Be quick and quiet

Not letting any scream heard

Cut their vocal cords, thats a first

Then if they turn to run

Thats when I use my gun

Straight through their stomach

Shooting pass the heart

Blood gushes out

I would smile with delight

My smile will turn to a smirk

My smirk would turn into a laugh

Laugh and laugh as anyone gathers

Shocked and gasping

What does it matter

Thats what happen when I snap

Taunting and teasing

Screaming and yelling

Driving me mad

Droning the sense of sanity

Death bell is ringing

I hear its sweet crisp tone

I click the gun once more

Bam cried the gun

And again it cried

And again it cried

Until all is gone

Like the trace of my humanity