Tora no Hikari: Kuroraka
by Shigatsu Waite

Prologue... Damn it's cold out!

Hmmm... I think it's time for a short cut...

I was heading home, and was freezing out. So like most people, I decided to make the journey smaller and take a short cut. I headed down an alley.

Never mind that it was a dark, somewhat impending one...

I was about halfway through, when I heard a quiet mewing. I listened closer, and figured it was a few steps in front of me.

I hurried to the poor creature, and knelt down. My breath hitched in my throat.

There, on the ground, was a young cat, with a small gash in its side.

I gasped, took off my jacket, which luckily was black.

Yes. It's a he.

I can tell without even looking.

...Don't ask.

I sighed, picked him up with my coat, and held him close, bundled up in my coat.

I could faintly hear purring while I took off running towards my home.

I smiled sadly as the young cat looked at me.

It closed it's eyes and went to sleep, content, even with the gash on his side.


The Kitty, as I decided to call it for now, stayed asleep on the way home, and didn't wake up till I was done with bandaging his wound.

He opened his emerald green eyes at me, meowed, and rubbed his head against my open hand, purring again. I obliged, scratching behind his ears.

The purring became louder.

I smiled, then picked him up and carried him to my room.

I set Kitty on my bed, and started to change. However, as I was about to take my shirt off, I thought I'd change in my bathroom instead.

Having a kitty look at me while I change would be creepy.

After I was done changing, and getting ready for bed, I pulled back the covers and laid down. Kitty walked up to me, and cuddled into my warmth as he settled down again.

I smiled as I went to sleep with the purring of my companion.


A.N.- This is a story that I've had almost complete for a while now. I'm only a few chapters from the end, I think, so I'm going to continue writing, but also posting a chapter at a time, only to post when I get at least 5 reviews, or 5 days have passed. Well, starting after chapter 2, which I have also posted. Review please! =^-^= Chow!