Tora no Hikari: Kuroraka
by Shigatsu Waite

Chapter 1

When I woke up, I was warm. And I don't mean just external warmth from the blankets, but I mean, warmth that filled me inside to out.

Then, as my blurriness disappeared, I realized I had arms around me. Warm, strong arms.

I didn't go to bed with someone.


I slowly looked up, and found myself looking into the most beautiful pair of emerald green eyes I have ever seen on a face.

His skin seemed so soft, as it was pale, though not sickly. He had messy multicolored hair. Black, brown, blond, and auburn sprayed over his head to about mid ear (for a human, anyway).

He was beautiful.

I blushed.

Then screamed.

He closed his eyes and covered his ears.

Ears that were on top of his head.

And white.

I stopped my screaming, and he took his hands off his ears, laid them back, and pouted.

"Did I do something wrong?" He asked me.

I gasped. His voice was deep, and smooth. Blushing once again, I asked him questions.

"Why are you here?"

He looked at me questioningly, "Well, master, you saved me last night, and I slept in the same bed as you. Though no I'm not in my," he looked over himself, "usual form."

I went wide eyed. He was the kitten I saved last night!

Oh shit...

"Uh... so, you're the cat I saved last night?" I asked in panic.

"Yes, master. Does this form not please you?" He asked worriedly.

Quickly, I responded. "No! No. You look fine the way you are." I thought for a second, "Why are you calling me Master?"

"Because you saved me, Master. And took care of me," he bowed, "I thank you for that. Is there anything I can do?" He asked eagerly.

Hmmm... a hot guy asking me if I wanted anything...


Damn the fact I have a conscience!

"Well... You can stop calling me Master. Call me by my name, Obsidian. Or Butterfly, as my friends do." I said smiling at him.

He smiled widely and hugged me.

Which is awkward when lying down...

I suddenly shut my eyes.

"Uh... whatever your name is, please tell me if you're wearing clothes or not." I said opening my eyes slowly to look into his.

He blushed brightly, then let go of me and pulled the blanket around his waist.

"Uh... sorry Obsidian. I forgot humans wear clothing..."

I felt my face grow warm when he said my name.

Why must he be hot, and nice?

"It's okay. So, what's your name?"

"My name shall be whatever you dictate it to be," he said, bowing.

I sweatdropped.

"Uh... What do you call yourself?"

He blinked in surprise. "I call myself Tiger, as my mother called me."

I smiled at him widely. Now we're getting somewhere.

"Alright Tiger, Let's get you some clothes, and downstairs to eat."

We both blushed when we remembered he was naked.

I grinned, "As nice as snuggling with you is, you have to sleep on the floor."

He smiled and tilted his head. "I enjoy snuggling with you too. You smell like raspberries," Tiger then pouted, "But why can't I sleep with you?"

I blushed brightly. That did not sound right.

Yet, it sounded so appealing...

I shut my eyes and shook my head.

"It isn't proper for you to sleep in my bed when you're a guy. Kitty form, you'd be able to."

Though I'd feel just a tad bit strange.

Glad I decided not to dress in front of him.

"Okay then. I'll get some of my father's clothing for you. It won't fit right, but it shall do at the moment. I'll take you shopping later." I said grinning evilly.

I shall enjoy taking him shopping.


I looked at him quickly, and noticed I said that out loud.


I smiled sheepishly, and hurried out of bed to get my father's clothing.

On the way out, I yelled, "You stay there and wait for me."


I came back with my fathers clothing to find Tiger standing straight up, at a towering 6 feet. He seemed to weigh more then me, but not by too much. He was slim, yet muscular.

Lean. That's a good description.

I set the clothes down on the bed, and turned to leave.

"Hey Obsidian! What do you do with these?" Tiger asked me.

He was holding up the pair of red silk boxers.

I blushed, " put those on before the pants."

He looked at me. "Why?"

I blushed more. "Well... it's just a human custom."

I am currently beat red.

Crimson even.

I sighed, then exited the room.

Sitting outside, I once again sighed.

My Gods, this is going to be a loooong day.


A.N.- I just felt like I should put what inspired me. My stuffed cat TY, Carley. Along with my overactive imagination, and my friend's constant bothering to write more. =^-^= Chow!