Tora no Hikari: Kuroraka
by Shigatsu Waite

Chapter 5

A few hours later, along with a few pit stops for Tiger, we arrived at our destination.

It was a beautiful field filled with winter flowers. It had yet to snow, so it was a wonderful time to be here. I grabbed his hand and started to lead him away from my motorcycle.

"Come on, It's not much further. Only a few minutes, and then I can begin. Don't worry, it'll be lots of fun." I grinned at him. He gazed at me curiously as he was drug forward though the cold.

There was a gigantic rock up ahead, and I stopped before continuing. "Now, believe me when I say this, what you see is different then what I see. You'll see just an ordinary cave, myself on the other hand, shall see what is really there. A minute after being with me, you shall see what I see."

He held onto my hand tightly, and nodded his head. I went forward, and turned to the right. What Tiger saw was a cold, dark cave. What I saw, was a beautiful lake with a clove of trees surrounding it. A waterfall fell into the lake, and the sun shined off of it. There was a few logs on the ground around a fire pit, making it look more lived on.

He gasped, and I knew that his eyes had now adjusted to the spell.

"I. It's," he took a deep breath, "It's beautiful. However did I not see it before?"

I smiled at him. "Well, I had cast a spell upon it to make it look like a cave so that visitors would pass it by. If they went near it, it solified for the time. The spell uses the power of nature around it, along with some power I leave here everytime I leave. Almost all that see it might cause it harm, otherwise I would leave the spell off." I shook my head, "I don't want anyone, and I mean anyone, to do anything bad to this wonderful place."

He looked thoughtful, then nodded his head in agreement. "I understand. So, why are we here?"

I smirked. "To show you my magic, mostly. I have a show lined up for you. It's interactive, so I'm sure you'll have fun."

His eyes lit up. I knew he was interested in it since I showed him my teleportation trick.

"Alright!" He pumped his fist up into the air, "This is going to be so much fun!" He bounced to the logs and sat on one like a little boy on to much sugar. I chuckled.

I went and stood in the center of the fire pit. It had a diameter of 4 feet, for large bon fires, just in case. I stood in the middle, and smiled at him.

"First, I'm going to erect a protection spell around myself. Then, do anything you want to me, and nothing shall happen." I cleared my throat, and began.

"By the Dragons light
On this November night
I call to thee
To give me your might
By the power of three
I conjure thee
To protect all
That surrounds me
So mote it be
So mote it be!"

As I finished it, a shield of green energy appeared around me, and I nodded to Tiger. "You may begin."

Tiger stood up, and took a step forward. He raised his arm slowly, as if not sure as to what he was doing. I sighed.

"Tiger... don't worry. You won't hurt me, love. Trust me." I said gently.

He smiled, and took another step forward, he drew his arm back, and punched me in the head. I didn't move, but Tiger sure did. He was bouncing around the ground shaking his hand over and over again, repeatedly saying ow. It was funny.

I laughed sheepishly. "Should I have mentioned that it might not hurt me, but you might feel as if you just hit a brick wall? At least it didn't scrape your knuckles..." I told him.

He pouted at me. "You could have at least given me a little warning..."

I went over to him, and tried to hug him. Unfortunetly, the shield made it so that he couldn't even touch me. I sighed, and stepped back from him. I couldn't even comfort him with the damn thing on. I snapped my fingers, and the shield dispersed. I stepped up to Tiger and hugged him. He hugged me back, holding onto me.

"How much does it hurt?" I asked.

"Not much. It'll heal soon." He answered, nuzzling my neck.

"Let me see," I said drawing back. What I saw was a hand with rather bloody knuckles. My eyes widened.

"I'm healing you right now." I told him. I took his hands in between mine, and once again started to chant.

"Lovely Lady of the Moon
Bring to me your healing soon
Fill my hands with power of old
All you can give, my hands will hold."

My hands started to grow a light silvery blue. Soon, my hands glowed with a power centuries old. I started to rub my hands above his in circular movements, and the power started to flow into his hands, slowly but surely healing his cuts and scraps. In a few minutes, it was done, and all that was left of his injury was the dried blood atop his hands. I smiled.

"Come on, we need to go wash this stuff off." I said, taking his hands in mine. He was looking at me in awe. I blushed.

"You can do so much, can't you?" He said quietly.

"Yes. It's taken a few long years, but it's been worth it. I have to practice often, and take periods of rest to rejuvenate myself, otherwise I'll burn out. It's happened before, and it's not fun." I frowned.

He stopped me, and his arms encircled my waist. "You're the one who's special." I blinked in confusion. "Huh?"

He pulled back from me, and I brought my arms up to rest on his hips. "You said before I must have been special. I'm not sure about that, but I am sure about one thing. You," he poked my nose, and I smiled faintly, "are special. And I'm so very lucky to be with you. I love you so much, despite knowing you for only a few days." He brought me to him again, and hugged me gently. I smiled, and my eyes started to water.

Heh. He knows just what to say to me, doesn't he?

"Thank you Tiger. I love you too." I hugged him back, and we stood there for a while and just held each other.

Tiger suddenly stiffened, and drew back, his head whipping around. "Something's here."

My eyes widened, and I opened my senses more. He was right. There was something here. It was a coyote.


Wait, they don't attack people. I sighed in relief. I looked over to Tiger, and saw him growling with his ears laid back.





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