Bright eyes gaze at the falling dusk, purple and pink on the horizon
The sun bows out to the bright moon perched carefully in the sky
Bright eyes watch the stars jump and dance across the velvet blanket draped over the sky
Street lights flicker and buzz, speaking a language no one understands
Bright eyes look over the sleeping city, sitting in the shadow of a yawning hill
Horns politely honk and turn signals wink on cars swaggering down the Avenue
Bright eyes peer down at an angry river
Swirling, churning and crashing against the steel legs of an old bridge
White waters splash up against the belly of an oil streaked barge
A lone light shines weakly in the cabin, alone and afraid
Bright eyes squint against the harsh headlights of a roaring semi-truck
Running across the dark road to safety, clutching the rail with a quivering hand
Darkness swallows up the light, stretching its long arm over every alleyway and street
Bright eyes open up to the silence, watching the veil of death cover every living thing
Hasty boots scuff the street, running through angrily hissing steam rising from below
Now daylight comes, fear is snuffed out like a street lanterns flame
Darkness is brushed away by the gentle hand of the sun
Bright eyes see the drowsy city awake again, shaken by the sound of screeching tires
Horns blare impatiently and voices are raised in the heat of an indignant traffic jam
Coffee pours into empty cups, shoved into the eager hands of caffeine junkies
Bright eyes twinkle as they look over the bustling city, happy to see another day.